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Debates with Danske Bank at Denmark’s Democratic Festival

For the sixth year running, Danske Bank takes part in Denmark’s Democratic Festival (Folkemødet) in Allinge on Bornholm – this year from 13 to 16 June. On Friday, 14 June, we host a debate in Skurvognen (tent F20) – right next to the library/the Folkemøde building, offering you the opportunity to put your questions to our new CEO, Chris Vogelzang, and the Chairman of our Board of Directors, Karsten Dybvad. You can also quiz with Emil Thorup and join debates on everything from entrepreneurship and the green transformation to technology and capitalism.

Danske Bank at the Folkemødet Friday,  14 June   

09:15am - 10.00am 

Morning lounge: Meet our top management

Natasja Crone speaks with Danske Bank’s top management – come and ask your own questions.

10:30am - 11.10am 

Women, liberty and investing

Join us when Louise Fredbo-Nielsen talks investments with myBanker, Female Invest and Danske Bank.

11:25am - 12.10pm  

Entrepreneurship: Who has the courage to take the leap?

ByFounders, Roccamore, Dansk Iværksætterforening and Danske Bank debate entrepreneurship with three start-ups.

12:20pm - 1.00pm 

Quiz with Emil Thorup about life’s big choices

Emil Thorup quizzes with Henrik Byager and Louise Aggerstrøm Hansen from Danske Bank – join us and see everything being sketched live. 

1:30pm - 2.00pm 

Are profits and ethics compatible?

Natasja Crone acts as moderator, when Oxfam IBIS, CEPOS and Danske Bank debate profits and ethics.
2:15pm - 3.00pm 

Spot a hacker! Learn about IT security

Natasja Crone speaks with former fraud squad chief Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen and Danske Bank about your and the nation’s security.

3:15pm - 4.00pm  

Technology and people: Who controls who?

Meet Malou Aamund (Google), Imran Rashid, Knud Romer and Danske Bank’s Jesper Nielsen.

4:30pm - 5.00pm  

A green conscience and in the black on the bottom line?

Join us for a debate about the green bottom line with Martin Ågerup (CEPOS), Anders Eldrup (CONCITO) and Isabella Arendt (KD).

5:15pm - 6.00pm 

Is capitalism sick?

Natasja Crone moderates a debate on capitalism with Bjarne Corydon, Pelle Dragsted, Connie Hedegaard and Karsten Dybvad.

6:15pm - 6.45pm 

Learn about the brain and how not to get tricked

Join us when behavioural expert Mikkel Holm Sørensen investigates the brain and behavioural psychology.