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Accessible finance in the cashless society

We are slowly getting closer to a cashless society. However, some customer groups are less comfortable with digitalisation or have special requirements, so we offer customised solutions to accommodate the needs of these customers.

According to the European Commission’s 2018 Digital Index, the Nordic countries are the  best-performing countries when it comes to digitisation. This is a trend, which is reflected in our customers’ adoption of mobile and digital banking solutions as their main point of contact with us. 

From 2015 to 2018, we saw an increase in the number of self-service eBanking transactions from 17.7 million to 50 million, and self-service mobile and tablet banking transactions rose from 10.8 million to 51 million. In the same period, the number of ATM transactions decreased from 43 million to 32 million.

Dramatic drop in cash payment among young people under the age of 25
The number of cash payments is in decline. This is due to the increase in card payments and the use of services such as MobilePay.

Today, cash payment represents only 8% of total expenditure in Denmark compared to 2009 where the share was 15%. The most dramatic drop in cash payment is seen among young people under the age of 25, although the use of cash by seniors has also decreased and is today in line with other age groups.

Cash payment in DK - share of total expenditure


Our services for customers with special requirements

Digital training on meetings for senior customers
Braille services on ATMs for the visually impaired

Easy Banking - a simplified version of eBanking

New deposit ATMs for cash - 31 in 2018

MobilePay for the homeless that sell 'Hus Forbi'

Cash card with an easy-to-remember PIN

A cashless society with digitalised financial services increases the risk of excluding vulnerable groups from making financial transactions. It is part of our responsibility to ensure that our services are accessible and easy to use for all customer groups. For instance we offer a cash card to customers without pin, who are unable to visit branches and ATMs, as well as a specific braille service to visually impaired customers.

Jeanette Fangel Løgstrup

Head of Societal Impact and Sustainability, Danske Bank

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