Building financial confidence

In an increasingly complex and digitalised world, young people today can benefit more than previous generations from understanding personal finance at an early age.

Our educational programmes, tools, research and advice also help parents and teachers build financial confidence in children and young adults. 


Moneyville is a game that gives 5 to 9 year-olds a basic understanding of money. Children can earn money and decide whether to spend it or save it.

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Pocket Money

To facilitate a starting point for conversations about money and enable both parents and children to keep track of pocket money, we have developed a digital Pocket Money solution.


Our advisers teach school children about money

Northern Ireland
In Denmark, our advisers visit elementary schools to discuss personal finances with the older students. Through cases, discussions and games, they present a range of topics, such as the financial implications of moving away from home and things they should be aware of when borrowing money.

Learn more about our educational programs for schools in Denmark, Kloge Penge, and request a visit to your school by a Danske Bank adviser.

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Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, we offer schools an opportunity to participate in an educational programme called SMART partnership in which our youth ambassadors teach children in three interdisciplinary modules – from creating your own budget to building your own business.

Learn more about our educational offering for schools in Northern Ireland, and see how to request a visit to your school by a Danske Bank adviser

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Financial literacy analysis and insights

Since 2009, Danske Bank has collected data throughout the Nordic region on children’s and young adults’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviour about money and personal finance.
  • 07. jan 2008Report FL 5 to 7 years
  • 05. jan 2009Report FL 8 to 9 years
  • 28. mar 2016Danske Bank Financial Literacy 2016
  • 14. nov 2013Financial Literacy survey 10 to 15 year
  • 11. okt 2014Report FL 2013 5 to 7 years
  • 11. okt 2014Report FL 2013 8 to 9 years

Our approach

At Danske Bank, we integrate corporate responsibility in our core business, work with partners and stakeholders, and report on our progress regularly.
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Corporate volunteering

In 2016, we spent 5,000 hours on voluntary work, helping people gain the financial confidence to handle the challenges of their personal finances.
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We are committed to helping manage the transition to future financial services in a responsible manner and to ensuring that our services are easy to use and accessible.
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