Financial Confidence & Security

Digitalisation is transforming the financial infrastructure and increases the need for developing a sound and safe understanding of digital money and IT security. 

We want to help people and businesses become financially confident and secure by continuously developing tools, initiatives and technologies that improve financial skills and IT security. On this page, you can read more about our various initiatives within our strategic theme Financial Confidence & Security.

Strengthening financial confidence in Finland

Only a third of Finns think that their financial literacy is at a fairly good level. Consequently, we want to increase the financial confidence through different activities in Finland. Activities include e.g. an educational programme for secondary students, podcasts, ‘sauna talks’ about money and a YouTube video series.
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The first 'Great Pocket Money Day'

On Friday 31 May 2019, Denmark held its first ‘Great Pocket Money Day’, where all children across Denmark can set up their own ‘shop’ and make their own pocket money on what they sell. The purpose of ‘Great Pocket Money Day’ is for children to learn how to make their own pocket money by opening their own small ‘shop’, where they can sell everything from homemade bracelets and clay figures to magic tricks and second-hand toys. The event is organised by GoLittle together with Danske Bank.


MoneyVille is a game that gives 5 to 9 year-olds a basic understanding of money. Children can earn money and decide whether to spend or save it. Since its launch, MoneyVille has had over 7 million users.

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Money Week teaches Danish pupils about budgeting & digital security

During Money Week 2019 in Denmark, more than 390 school classes were educated in digital security, budgeting and personal finances by one of our financial advisors.

Providing digital solutions for homeless people

As payments become digital, fewer people carry cash. This affects homeless people who raise money by selling the Hus Forbi newspaper in the streets of Denmark. Therefore, Danske Bank has entered into a collaboration with MobilePay and the Hus Forbi organisation. The collaboration enables Hus Forbi vendors to receive payments via MobilePay and get the money transferred to a Danske Bank cash card. In this way, we work towards increasing financial confidence and reducing some of the stigmatising effects that homeless people unfortunately experience with increased digitalisation. 


Debt counselling

We want to use our knowledge and assistance to help people with debt problems. We therefore participate in a debt counselling programme arranged by Finance Denmark in cooperation with the Danish YMCA's Social Work and the Vesterbro Settlement, where we offer help free of charge. The aim of the advice is that citizens will be equipped to manage their personal finances and thereby gain financial confidence and a better quality of life. 
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My digital self-defence

We collaborate with a number of stakeholders, including the Danish Consumer Council Tænk and the National Centre for Cybercrime, in creating the “My digital self-defence” app. The app helps consumers detect and prevent fraud and guides them if they have fallen victim to it.

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We want to play an active role in society by driving sustainable progress and using our expertise to make a positive difference.
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Our Approach

Read more about our Societal Impact strategy, related policies and governance, position statements and the international initiatives and standards we support.
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Climate & Environment

We want to support the societal transition towards a 0 net carbon economy and the Sustainable Development Goal number 13.
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