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Sustainable finance

Massive amounts of finance will be necessary for transitioning into more sustainable economies and societies. Therefore, we consider the areas of financing and investing at the core of our efforts to advance sustainability.

This means actively supporting our customers to achieve their sustainability ambitions and helping them navigate through these changing times by providing relevant products and advice.

How we work with sustainable finance


At Danske Bank, we want to protect our customers’ interests and create attractive returns while also being aware of the impact our investments have on society.

We offer individual funds and total portfolios of shares and bonds that enable our customers to invest responsibly.

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We help our customers with their own sustainable transitions by making it financially attractive for them to make green choices.

When it comes to sustainable finance, Danske Bank is in a leading position in the Nordic region, and we provide loans, leasing solutions and bond issues that support clearly defined environmental or social objectives.

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Targets and status

  • Volume target

    • 2023 target: DKK 300 billion in sustainable financing, including granted green loans and arranged sustainable bonds

    • 2022 status: DKK 273 billion since 2019

    Net-zero commitments

    We joined the Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA) in October 2021

    Carbon emission reduction targets

    • 2030 target: Reduce carbon emissions in our corporate lending portfolio in six key sectors by between 25-55% against a 2020 baseline

  • Volume target

    • 2030 target: DKK 150 billion investments in funds with sustainable investment objective. 

    • 2022 status: DKK 52 billion since 2021.

    Net-zero commitments

    We joined the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative in March 2021 and set interim targets in November 2021.

    Carbon emission reduction targets

    • 2030 target: We want to reduce the weighted average carbon intensity of our investment products by at least 50% against a 2020 baseline.

    • 2030 target: Reduction of the implied temperature rating of our investment products from 2.7°C in 2020 to 2.1°C (scope 1 and scope 2) and reduction of the implied temperature rating of our investment products from 2.9°C in 2020 to 2.2°C (scope 1, 2 and 3)*

    • 2025 target: Engagement with the 100 largest emitters

    * Find more information about scope 1, 2 and 3 in our climate plan.  

  • Volume target

    • 2023 target: Danica Pension to have at least DKK 50 billion of its investments placed in assets that support the green transition.

    • 2022 status: DKK 37,7 billion since 2019.

    Net-zero commitments

    Danica Pension joined the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance (article in Danish) in June 2020.

    Carbon emission reduction target

    • 2025 target: In Danica Pension’s portfolio we want to reduce carbon emission in five key sectors by between 15-35% against a 2019 baseline.

Selected publications & policies

  • 09. maj 2023Sustainability Report 2022
  • 08. maj 2023Sustainability Fact Book 2022
  • 02. feb 2023Statement of Modern Slavery 2022
  • 20. jan 2023Climate Action Plan
  • 04. jan 2023Sustainable Finance Policy
  • 19. apr 2023Responsible Investment Policy
  • 29. nov 2022Green Finance Framework November 2022
  • 22. jun 2022Our Responsible Investment Journey 2022
  • 16. mar 2023Danske Bank Position Statement Fossil Fuels
  • 25. mar 2021Danske Bank Position Statement Climate Change
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