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Sustainability related disclosures

Our responsible investment approach in Danske Bank is underpinned by clear policies, instructions, guidelines and reporting. On this page, you will find relevant documentation on our approach and the frameworks supporting our works. 

Further, you can also access sustainability-related disclosures originating from regulation, such as how we manage the principle adverse impacts that our investments might have on sustainability factors and product specific information.

SFDR statements

The EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is a regulation that aims to enhance transparency and comparability to investors on how asset managers and institutional investors integrate sustainability dimensions in their general processes and at investment product level. 

Under SFDR, Danske Bank is committed to disclose how we integrate sustainability risks in our investment decision-making processes, advisory process and remuneration policies and how we consider the principal adverse impacts investments might have on sustainability factors. Statements are available below. 

You can also find more information below under the heading 'Policies, instructions and guidelines'.  

  • 30. jun 2023Statement on principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors Danske Bank
  • 29. dec 2022Statement on the integration of sustainability risks in investments and advice
  • 29. dec 2022Statement on principal adverse impacts of investment and insurance advice on sustainability factors

Sustainability-related disclosures for our products

For products that are promoting environmental or/social characteristics or have a sustainable investment objective you can find relevant information on these commitments in SFDR annex and further detailed in product specific website-disclosures. How we succeed in integrating these dimensions in the products reported quarterly. You can access information here for our
Balanced Model Portfolios Other investment products

Policies, instructions, plans and guidelines

  • 10. jul 2023Exclusion Instruction
  • 07. jul 2023Sustainability Risk Integration Instruction
  • 07. jul 2023Inclusion Instruction
  • 01. jun 2023Active Ownership Instruction
  • 19. apr 2023Responsible Investment Policy
  • 16. mar 2023Remuneration Policy
  • 09. feb 2023Voting Guidelines
  • 20. jan 2023Climate Action Plan
  • 04. jan 2023Sustainable Finance Policy

Methodologies and ESG Data

  • 11. jul 2023ESG Data Platform
  • 17. jun 2022Reduction of Activities Resulting in Significant Negative Impact on the Climate
  • 06. mar 2023Enhanced Sustainability Standards Screening
  • 10. mar 2023Danske Bank Sustainable Investment Houseview and SDG Model

Excluded companies and issuers

  • 31. jul 2023List of excluded companies and issuers

Reporting and analyses

  • 20. feb 2023Active Ownership Report 2022
  • 22. jun 2022Our Responsible Investment Journey 2022
  • 08. dec 2022Nature is a blind spot also for Nordic companies
  • 28. jan 2021Climate - Our Investment Approach
  • 08. nov 2021Engagement and stewardship on the road to net zero
  • 04. apr 2022Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative - Interim Target Disclosure
Find reporting from previous years

UN-PRI reporting

We have been a member of the UN PRI since 2010, and we have signed up to the organisation’s six principles for responsible investments, which form the foundation of our work in the field of responsible investment. We report annually to the UN PRI on our processes and our progress in implementing the six principles into our responsible investment work.

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