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We support our customers in their transition

We are committed to supporting our more than 3.2 million customers in navigating the transition toward a sustainable future.

Whether they are personal customers, small or medium-sized businesses or large corporates and institutions, we seek to actively engage with them on this agenda and provide them with industry-leading sustainable finance advice, products and services that help them in their journey.

Examples of our offerings 

Green loans

Loans for assets and purposes that contribute to the transition towards a low-carbon, resilient and environmentally sustainable economy. The eligibility of assets, projects and companies for green loans is defined in our Green Finance Framework Examples include

  • energy-efficient buildings
  • renewable energy
  • clean transportation
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Sustainability-linked financing

These are a type of business loans for which interest rates are linked to a company’s ability to achieve predetermined sustainability targets. If the company does not achieve these targets, the interest rate increases.

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Sustainable bonds and sustainability-linked bonds

Danske Bank helps corporate clients access financing by supporting them in issuing sustainable bonds, i.e. green bonds, social bonds, or sustainability bonds.

These are use-of-proceed bonds that exclusively finance client projects and activities that have a positive environmental and/or social impact.

For sustainability-linked bonds, the financing terms are linked to the client’s performance on selected sustainability indicators, similar to those used for sustainability-linked loans.

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Responsible investments

We offer a wide range of investment products tailored to meet the sustainability preferences of our customers through inclusions, exclusions and/or active ownership activities focused on managing positive as well as negative societal impacts of our investments. Our investment management processes further take into account sustainability risks, acknowledging the potential and/or actual impacts such risks might have on the value of investment returns.


What our customers experience

Oslobuss – Realising the potential of electrification

Previously, we had another large bank, but it eventually became very heavy, especially when we started airing our visions and goals. The shift we are in now is very expensive. The advisers we met at Danske Bank, both Ola and Tore, were forward-looking and willing to help us.

Svein Busch Iversen

Chairman of the Board, Oslobuss

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SSAB – The journey towards fossil-free steel

SSAB is a global steel company that aims to create a fossil-free value chain for steel from the mine to the end-product.

We have provided SSAB with a suite of daily banking solutions, trade finance solutions and markets-related financial services, and we have worked closely to support the company’s financial needs in this transition journey, including providing our advisory services.
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Port of Aabenraa – A simple ESG tool with a big effect

While many small and medium-sized businesses recognise that sustainability is important and are keen to move ahead on the transition, it can be difficult to know where and how best to do so. This was the case with the Port of Aabenraa.

To make it easier for businesses to advance on their sustainability transition, Danske Bank partnered with Lederne to launch a strategic ESG tool (article in Danish). With this tool, the Port of Aabenraa was able to map out existing initiatives and requirements of the company’s most important stakeholders and prioritise focus areas.  
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Camilla – Simplifying the green transition at home

Lars from OBH Consulting Engineers went through our house with us and came up with lots of good advice and ideas. And that actually changed our plan because we could see that it made sense to change the roof and windows at the same time.


Homeowner and personal customer, Danske Bank

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How we work to support our customers

Large Corporates & Institutions

Support customers throughout the transition with leading sustainable finance products and advisory services.

Asset Management

Enhance and develop investment products in line with customer sustainability preferences

Business customers

Help customers advance on their sustainability journey with advisory services, tools and financing.

Personal customers

Make sustainable choices easy for customers - with a focus on housing, mobility, daily banking, investments and pensions.