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Sustainable financing

We help our customers with their own sustainable transitions by making it financially attractive for them to make green choices.

When it comes to sustainable finance, Danske Bank is in a leading position in the Nordic region, and we provide loans, leasing solutions and bond issues that support clearly defined environmental or social objectives.

Selected financing products

Personal customers

At Danske Bank, we want to make it easy for our customers to make green choices. One of the ways we are doing this is by offering a reduced interest rate on electric and plug-in hybrid car loans. Our customers are becoming more climate-conscious, and many are looking to replace their petrol or diesel car with an electric or plug-in hybrid car. A reduced-interest loan can act as an additional incentive for them to do so.


By focusing our financing activities in the right direction, we can contribute to the green transition. Increased climate awareness and soaring energy prices are fuelling a growing demand for energy-efficiency home renovations among our customers, so a natural focus area for us is to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient by offering a cheaper loan for this specific purpose.

We also work in partnership with external suppliers, for example through collaborations with consulting engineers, who can support our customers and help them to get started with their energy-efficiency home renovation projects.


Family standing in kitchen of new home
When it comes to financing energy-efficient homes, we want to help our customers do better with us by their side. We offer green home loans with a discount on the processing fee – which we are able to provide because we secure the loan against homes that have a valid Energy Performance Certificate rating of A or B.


Business customers and Large Corporates & Institutions

There is significant interest among businesses when it comes to investing in energy-efficient properties.

For a number of years, Realkredit Danmark has been helping large business customers by offering mortgage loans financed by green bonds.

In 2021, small business customers were also able to benefit from green mortgage loans when Realkredit Danmark lowered the value limit for properties eligible for green mortgage loans.


Many businesses are keen to contribute to the green transition. At Danske Bank, we want to support these companies by providing financing, so we offer green loans that can be used to finance certain activities or projects – for example, investments in 

  • solar panels
  • electric vehicles
  • improvements in the energy efficiency of properties.


The term ‘sustainable bonds’ is a collective term for bonds that aim to finance green initiatives (green bonds), social initiatives (social bonds) or a combination of these (sustainability bonds). These play an important role in our work on financing the sustainable transition, and we are working with issuers and investors to support the market for sustainable bonds and green loans.

We also offer sustainability-linked loans in which interest rates are linked to a business’s ability to achieve predetermined sustainability targets – as opposed to a green loan, which is earmarked for a particular project.

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Targets & status for sustainable financing

Targets link to sustainable Development Goal #13: Climate action

Volume target

  • 2023 target: DKK 300 billion in sustainable financing, including granted green loans and arranged sustainable bonds
  • 2022 status: DKK 273 billion since 2019

Net-zero commitments

We joined the Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA) in October 2021

Carbon emission reduction targets

  • 2030 target: Reduce carbon emissions in our corporate lending portfolio in six key sectors by between 25-55% against a 2020 baseline

Personal customers

For society, sustainability is an issue of major importance. We also know that sustainability is important to many of our personal customers – and we want to make it easy and attractive for them to choose financial solutions that support sustainable development.

We do this by offering a number of products that not only focus on supporting sustainable development but that also provide extra benefits for customers who make sustainable choices, for example in relation to their:

  • home loans
  • car loans
  • investment
  • pension products

Business customers and Large corporates & institutions

Sustainability is important for our society, and it is also important to many of our business customers. We need to understand our customers’ businesses so that we can provide them with the best possible financial advice and can look after their interests.

At Danske Bank, we are continually developing the knowledge our advisers have in relation to the sustainability agenda to ensure that we can enter into strategic dialogues with our customers and identify risks and opportunities together.

We ensure that our customers have access to the optimal transition financing to create value for them while also supporting the sustainable transformation of our society, which we do by providing green mortgage loans, green lease agreements, green loans and by issuing green bonds. 

Selected publications & policies

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  • 04. jan 2023Sustainable Finance Policy
  • 29. nov 2022Green Finance Framework November 2022
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