Best execution at Danske Bank

It is essential for us at Danske Bank A/S that you as our customer are able to understand how we take all sufficient steps to provide best execution when executing orders. You will find all relevant information on this page.

On this page, you will find

  • Our Order Execution Policy, which describes how we provide best execution
  • Information about which execution venues and brokers that we use for each class of financial instruments
  • Our quarterly reports with information about how well we execute trades (the quality of execution) based on a range of execution factors, including price, cost, and likelihood of execution (RTS 27 reports)
  • Our annual reports with information about the identity of our top five execution venues and brokers for each class of financial instruments (RTS 28 reports)

Order Execution Policy

Our Order Execution Policy describes the principles that we follow when we execute orders in financial instruments. The principles ensure that we take all sufficient steps to provide our customers with best execution. The policy will be reviewed annually.

  • 03. jan 2018Order Execution Policy - financial instruments - UK and IRL
  • 03. jan 2018Pavedimų vykdymo politika - finansinės priemonės - LT
  • 30. jul 2018Politik for udførelse af ordrer om værdipapirer - DK
  • 03. jan 2018Rïkojumu izpildes politika - finanšu instrumenti - LV
  • 03. jan 2018Retningslinjer for utførelse av kundeordre - NO
  • 03. jan 2018Kliendi korralduste parima täitmise reeglid - finantsinstrumendid - EE
  • 03. jan 2018Orderexekveringspolicy - finansiella instrument - SE
  • 03. jan 2018Polityka wykonywania zlecen instrumenty finansowe - PL
  • 03. jan 2018Toimeksiantojen toteuttamista koskeva politiikka rahoitusvälineet - FI

Major execution venues and brokers list

Our list of major execution venues and brokers present information about which execution venues and brokers we use to execute trades within each class of financial instruments. In accordance with the Order Execution Policy, this list includes venues and brokers for which client orders are routed directly to.

Download the list