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Danske Bank has an independent compliance function - Group Compliance - that is responsible for monitoring whether the Group complies with applicable laws, market standards and internal rules and for providing advice on mitigating key compliance risks. The Chief Compliance Officer reports directly to the CEO and is a member of the Executive Leadership Team.
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Code of conduct

At Danske Bank we are committed to ensuring that customers and markets are at the heart of our decision-making. Our Code of Conduct policy provides practical guidance on behavior and supports colleagues in doing the right thing. The policy reference certain policies, that are only available internally.

Our position on market abuse and conflicts of interest 

  • It is imperative that we prevent market abuse from occurring, so we have set up internal rules and measures to prevent it.

    They include guidelines for registering inside information and identifying insiders. We maintain and continually update an internal list of employees with access to inside information. We also have guidelines for the disclosure, treatment and storage of inside information in order to ensure that inside information is accessible only to persons who need it to perform their professional duties.

    All employees’ personal account transactions in securities are governed by guidelines. The Group has general guidelines for all employees and more restricted guidelines for employees in sensitive functions. Control activities, which entail additional monitoring, are predominantly preventative.

  • Conflicts of interest may arise when the interests of Danske Bank or its employees contradict those of a customer or vendor.

    To ensure that we always make independent decisions, we have a policy for dealing with conflicts of interest. The policy is intended to enable us to identify circumstances that lead or may lead to conflicts of interest and that may entail a significant risk of adversely affecting our customers.

    We have adopted rules for gifts and hospitality, both given and received by employees, in order to mitigate possible conflicts of interest as well as allegations of bribery.

    In accordance with our policy, we have implemented procedures, systems and controls to identify and deal with conflicts of interest in order to remove any doubt about our integrity and the expertise and behaviour of our employees.

Fighting financial crime

At Danske Bank, we are committed to fighting financial crime.

Continuing to strengthen and improve our efforts to preserve the integrity of our business and uphold our societal responsibility is a key priority for us.
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Danske Bank is committed to encouraging employees to speak up about suspected wrongdoing as soon as possible. We are committed to ensuring that our employees can raise their concerns in the knowledge that these will be taken seriously and investigated fully. 

Our whistleblowing system is an internal reporting channel that provides employees and others with a safe, simple and uniform way of raising concerns when regular channels of communication and escalation are unavailable, inappropriate or compromised. Reports and questions received through the whistleblower system are treated as strictly confidential, and they are forwarded to Group Compliance and the Board of Directors' Audit Committee.

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