Committee meetings 2017

The Board of Directors has set up four committees to supervise specific areas and prepare cases for consideration by the full Board. 

 See the the meeting frequency and meeting participation for each committee.

Risk Committee

The Risk Committee met eight times in 2017 
MemberMeetings attended in 2017
Carol Sergeant8
Ole Andersen
Urban Bäckström2 (left the committee in 2017)
Martin Tivéus5 (joined the committee in 2017)

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee met six times in 2017 
MemberMeetings attended in 2017
Jørn P. Jensen 6
Carol Sergeant 6
Lars-Erik Brenøe 1 (left the committee in 2017)
Hilde Tonne 5 (joined the committee in 2017)

Remuneration Committee

The  Remuneration Committee met four times in 2017 
MemberMeetings attended in 2017
Ole Andersen 
Charlotte Hoffmann
Rolv Erik Ryssdal
Hilde Tonne

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee met two times in 2017 
Member Meetings attended in 2017
Ole Andersen2
Urban Bäckström
Trond Westlie0 (left the committee in 2017)
Lars-Erik Brenøe1 (joined the committee in 2017)

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