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A tailored flexible parental leave made the difference for me and my family

2 days leave, and 3 days working a week that was the solution when Rune Kristensen took his parental leave.

Rune is working in the Public Affairs team in Danske Bank. He is working with political communication, analysis, issues management, stakeholder events and social media. When he started working at Danske Bank more than four years ago, he was living in the city centre, in Copenhagen. “I was the one in team living closets to the office back then”. Today Rune is living with his wife Anna and two children Alexander and Harald in Næstved, in beautiful surroundings and close to nature, but it also gives him 3 hours commute every day. 

My wife owns a constructor company with close to 100 employees. She needed to stay close to the projects, so we sat down together and came up with this alternative solution. This solution allowed her to work two days a week and I could also stay close to my core tasks, and still be part of my team, working three days a week. For us it was the optimal solution.”

Rune spend much of his time with their son Harald, at the in-law’s ranch, from where his wife worked. “I went for long walks with the stroller and enjoyed the nature”. “It was convenient for all of us to be close together even though Anna was working.” When Harald was sleeping Rune, spend time on interest like politics, cooking and studying for a hunting license.

"I consider myself to be a very active person, and I actually struggle to imagine myself not working at all. I need to be active, and productive. Coming back to the office on a weekly basis, gave me the professional and intellectual stimuli that I needed.”
“My manager is super supportive, and want things to work for me and my family. In general I experienced great support both from colleagues and other stakeholders”.
Communication is key for a flexibility
Rune explains how it is important to communicate clearly to stakeholders and colleagues what they can expect from you and when, if you are planning on a flexible leave. “It requires some structure, and planning, especially when an exciting task lands on your desk, just before you leave the office, - then it is tempting to bring it with you home, which you cannot do.”