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Diverse perspectives result in better decisions and commercial results

People expect banks, just as other service providers, to be available online 24/7. To make this possible, many teams in Danske Bank are working behind the scenes to make our customers happy and improve the commercial results. Commercial Excellence, headed by Carina Jahn, is responsible for improving customer experience and sales through utilisation of data and reach in internal and external digital channels.

“Easy, accessible and relevant for customers, that’s our aim”, says Carina Jahn, Head of Commercial Excellence in Danske Bank. Her Nordic team is making sure that our customers find the best solutions for their financial needs products that we offer, get the best possible service whenever needed and that we are present on the websites that are relevant to them. As they an extended service we also have offerings level by collaboration with various commercial partners. “Working with third party partners allows us to broaden our service scope even more than what we could do without them”, Carina continues.

“As a Nordic unit with a local commercial anchoring we have local colleagues focusing on providing us with the best possible tech&data platform as well as colleagues focusing on the customers and local commercial agenda. l who makes sure that we have  good partners in the specific countries and that our service is accessible around the clock. In the contemporary world, unlike before, customers are not willing to seek for the best solutions service or wait in a line. For us this is not a problem, just a task that we need to solve for staying relevant to serving our customers. in the best possible way”; Carina explains. 

A diverse team brings new viewpoints

Carina studied mathematics, statistics and political economy and has always been interested in using tech and data to doing better business and improving customer service. Her interest rises both from her educational background and previous professional roles as CFO and Head of Business Development, to name a few.

 “Having a diverse background helps me in understanding different ways or working and thinking. Our global team consists of employees with multiple backgrounds when it comes to career, education and nationality. Many of us do not have a typical background within banking and finance. This is a great asset and helps us in examining tasks from different perspectives”, Carina says. 

“I have also learned that a diverse group of people require me to have the umbrella view and create a common ground. We all have to agree on the basics for being able to work in our own ways. This has been one of the bigger learnings for me working in a very diverse team”, Carina thinks back. 

Carina is as a leader trying to make sure that employees have the possibility to discuss and co-create together. She believes in an open communication for making people understand each other. She is also making sure that the team has touchpoints with colleagues in various business areas, as they usually have the best understanding of what customers prefer and how we could further improve or simplify our offerings. 

“I am not the type of person who would like to be noticed all the time, rather the one who makes a great impact by supporting employees. Making team members shine and seeing them success is very rewarding to me”, Carina explains. 

“I like the open and allowing culture that we foster at Danske Bank. You have the possibility to try and fail, but always take responsibility. This usually means a good learning curve. I have personally learned a lot both from failures and successes, assessed them and grown into where I am today”.

Blue book

  • Live in Stockholm, married and have two grown sons that have left home.
  • Spare time I enjoy spending with family & friends and as often as possible in country house in Stockholm archipelago. 
  • To keep my energy levels high I do gym training several times a week, the most boosting one’s with my personal trainer.
  • Music – general pop freak, mixed styles & mix of new/old.  

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