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Danske Bank issues commodity-linked notes

Company Announcement No 9/2010

Danske Bank issues notes linked to the DJ-UBS Commodity Index

According to company announcement No. 7 from Danske Bank published through GlobeNewswire on April 9, 2010, Danske Bank published Preliminary Final Terms for the issuing of notes linked to a commodity index with the redemption price reflecting the performance of the DJ-UBS Commodity Index. The notes are designated "DB Råvarer 2013 Offensiv" (ISIN DK0030240320).

The Preliminary Final Terms have been adjusted, as the issuer’s long-term debt is rated Aa3 by Moody’s, A+ by Fitch and A by Standard & Poor’s.

The adjusted Preliminary Final Terms are published through GlobeNewswire on April 16, 2010.