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Moody's raises Danske Bank's long-term rating

Company Announcement No. 25/2014

Moody's raises Danske Bank's long-term rating
Moody’s has raised Danske Bank Group’s long-term rating to A3 from Baa1. The short-term rating is unchanged at P-2, while the Group’s BCA (Baseline Credit Assessment) rating has been raised to baa1 from baa2. Moody’s has also changed the outlook for all of Danske Bank’s ratings from positive to stable.

“We are pleased to see Moody’s acknowledge the continually positive development at Danske Bank,” says Henrik Ramlau-Hansen, CFO of Danske Bank. “With the Standard & Poor’s upgrade in April and this announcement from Moody’s, we are one step closer to meeting our strategic goals for improved ratings.”

Danske Bank’s ratings after the upgrade:

 Long-term A3 A A
 Short-term P-2 A-1 F1
 Outlook Stable Negative Stable

Danske Bank A/S

Henrik Ramlau-Hansen, CFO, tel. +45 45 14 06 66
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