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Annual general meeting of Danske Bank 2019

Company Announcement No. 5/2019

Danske Bank A/S will hold its annual general meeting on Monday, 18 March 2019 at 3.00pm at Tivoli Congress Center, Arni Magnussons Gade 2-4, Copenhagen. The agenda, including the complete proposals, is attached to this announcement.

Election of members to the Board of Directors
In respect of election of members, the Board of Directors nominates Christian Sagild and Gerrit Zalm as new candidates for the Board of Directors.

“Considering their experience and competencies, I feel confident that the two candidates will be able to make a positive contribution to the Board of Directors and Danske Bank. Gerrit Zalm will bring management experience from both regulatory bodies and banks, and Christian Sagild will bring extensive experience from the management of financial businesses,” says Karsten Dybvad, Chairman.

Identifying potential new candidates who possess the right competencies, in particular individuals from the other Nordic countries, is an ongoing priority of the Board of Directors.

Hilde Tonne has informed the Board that she will not seek re-election as she has been appointed chairman of the Research Council of Norway. Also, Ingrid Bonde has informed the Board that she will not seek re-election due to her appointment to a position of trust yet to be made public.

In November 2018, Carol Sergeant and Rolv Erik Ryssdal stated their intentions of not seeking re-election at the coming annual general meeting (see company announcement no. 61). However, at the request of the Board of Directors, Carol Sergeant has agreed to seek re-election and thus ensure continuity for the Board of Directors.

“I would like to thank Rolv Erik Ryssdal, Hilde Tonne and Ingrid Bonde for their efforts, and I respect their decision to seek new challenges. I am pleased that Carol Sergeant, contrary to her previous announcement, will seek re-election. This means that we will ensure continuity for the Board of Directors and that we will be able to draw on her knowledge of Danske Bank and her regulatory and financial sector insights,” says Karsten Dybvad, Chairman.

Accordingly, the Board of Directors proposes Lars-Erik Brenøe, Karsten Dybvad, Jan Thorsgaard Nielsen, Jens Due Olsen and Carol Sergeant for re-election.

Danske Bank A/S

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