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Annual general meeting of Danske Bank 2023

Company Announcement No. 2/2023

At the annual general meeting of Danske Bank on Thursday, 16 March 2023, the general meeting  

  • adopted the Annual Report 2022 and the proposal for cover of loss according to the adopted Annual Report 2022,
  • approved the Board of Directors’ proposed Remuneration Report 2022 by advisory vote,
  • re-elected Martin Blessing, Jan Thorsgaard Nielsen, Lars-Erik Brenøe, Jacob Dahl, Raija-Leena Hankonen-Nybom, Allan Polack, Carol Sergeant and Helle Valentin to the Board of Directors,
  • re-appointed Deloitte Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab as external auditor,
  • adopted the Board of Directors’ proposals to amend the Articles of Association for:
    • extension by one year of the existing authorisation in articles 6.5.b and 6.6 of the Articles of Association regarding capital increases without pre-emption rights and issuance of convertible debt,
    • authorisation to hold fully electronic general meetings.
  • adopted the Board of Directors’ proposal to extend the Board of Directors’ existing authority to acquire own shares until 1 March 2028,
  • adopted the proposal for the Board of Directors’ unchanged remuneration for 2023,
  • adopted the Board of Directors’ proposal for adjustments to the Remuneration Poli-cy 2023,
  • adopted the Board of Directors’ proposal regarding renewal of existing indemnifica-tion of Directors and Officers with effect until the annual general meeting in 2024, and
  • authorisation to the chairman of the general meeting.

The general meeting did not adopt the following shareholder proposals concerning

  • policy for direct lending in the Climate Action Plan and the Position Statement on Fossil Fuels,
  • the asset management policy in the Climate Action Plan, and
  • lending to and investments in companies involved in research and expansion of new fossil fuels.

At the board meeting held immediately after the annual general meeting, Martin Blessing was elected chairman and Jan Thorsgaard Nielsen vice chairman of the Board of Directors.

The composition of the Board’s committees will be announced at under “Management” as soon as possible. 

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    Head of Press Relations, Danske Bank

    Phone: + 45 45 14 14 00

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