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Podcast: A look inside the economic brain

Have you heard ’Pengetanker’? 'Pengetanker' is Danske Bank's untraditional bank podcast on behavior, investments and savings. In the newest episode a brain researcher explains, why people make the economic decisions they do.

What is neuroeconomics, and why is it crucial to understand neuroeconomics if you want to grasp the economic decisions people take? Brain researcher Jon Wegener combines knowledge about the brain, economy and psychology to understand peoples behavior.  

Hosts and topics previously discussed  
Danske Bank’s Mads Steinmüller, Investment Specialist, and Jacob Hvidberg Falkencrone, Investment Strategist host the podcast. Topics previously discussed on ‘Pengetanker’ are: 

  • Why does the human brain prioritize short-term pleasures and postpone things that must be done - eg. create a pension and investment plan?
  • Why are women better investors and what can the two genders learn from each other? 
  • Why do people tend to overestimate the value of the things we own - also our investments - just because we own them?   

In 'Pengetanker' we step out of our formal suits and discuss how emotions sometimes interfere when we invest and why we do not always make rational decisions. The listeners of our podcast will not receive insights about the financial markets, but the listeners will get knowledge from a number of experts and an understanding of how our reptile brains work.

Jacob Hvidberg Falkencrone

Danske Bank