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Climate: New report to boost contribution of Nordic Impact Start-ups

Denmark’s new government has set an ambitious climate target of reducing CO2 by 70% before the year 2030. Nordic Impact Start-ups that are working to make the world a better place can contribute to achieving this goal, and a new report from Danske Bank shows that the number of these enterprises has doubled over the course of the past year.

The world is facing a whole host of major challenges – poverty, pollution and climate change, to name but a few. And these challenges call for new business models, ideas, habits and innovative solutions – all of which can be embodied by Nordic Impact Start-ups. 

At Danske Bank, we’re trying to improve the conditions these start-ups have through a number of initiatives. One way we’re doing this is by bringing out an annual insights report, which we have just published. In this report, we take the temperature of the ecosystem that the start-ups in the Nordic countries are operating within, and then we provide this ecosystem with a foundation for discussions that are based on facts rather than on assumptions.

Klavs Hjorth

Senior Vice President, Business Innovation

Other Danske Bank initiatives helping start-ups

  1. The +impact platform, on which companies can post the challenges they face and receive advice.  
  2. The Hub, a platform that facilitates contact between investors, employees and newly started companies.  
  3. We have developed an accelerator that invites selected start-ups to a 12-week training programme that enhances their business understanding and boosts their growth potential.
  4. A dedicated network of advisors who specialise in start-ups.

Selected insights and the full report


647 impact start ups are included 


There are 4.594 employees in the start ups

Business model

8 % have a circular business model


14 % of the start ups have a female CEO


82 % make impact claims on their website

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