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Making a difference to society with new voluntary-work initiative

Earlier this year, Danske Bank launched Time to Give – a new programme that gives employees in all countries the opportunity to spend one workday per year carrying out voluntary work.

“Time to Give draws inspiration from the programmes and activities that already exist in many areas of the Group. The number of employees at Danske Bank who feel passionate about making a difference is incredible. With Time to Give, we give them further opportunity to do so – thereby making the initiative a natural addition to our Societal Impact strategy,” explains Jeanette Fangel Løgstrup, Head of Societal Impact & Sustainability at Danske Bank.

Striking up new partnerships

According to Jeanette Fangel Løgstrup, the initiative is also in keeping with the Societal Impact strategy and with Danske Bank’s aim of getting closer to and contributing to the societies that it is a part of.

Furthermore, Danske Bank will help establish a framework for the voluntary work, for example, by striking up new partnerships with NGOs and other organisations that are focussing on the three strategic themes of Danske Bank’s Societal Impact strategy:

Time to Give benefits both us as employees and society. By undertaking volunteer work, we’re able to contribute our competencies and help those who need it. On top of this, we also create a more sustainable workplace and workplace culture. We believe and have seen evidence from other companies that also shows that volunteer work contributes positively to the commitment and team spirit among colleagues.

Jeanette Fangel Løgstrup 

Head of Societal Impact & Sustainability, Danske Bank 

Open framework
Employees decide themselves whether they want to work alone or together with their team. Similarly, they can choose to find their own volunteer work or they can sign up to a project headed by Danske Bank.

It is up to the employees whether they want to contribute with their competencies or whether they choose to contribute in another way. One thing the guidelines do stipulate, however, is that the work undertaken must never be political, religious or discriminatory in nature.

Three examples of volunteer work

1. Sound Library – more opportunities for blind & partially sighted people

I’ve chosen to record audiobooks for blind and partially sighted people. These people have far fewer opportunities than sighted individuals, so there’s a huge demand for volunteers to contribute as much as possible in this area.

Zivile Maldeikyte

Project Manager in Lithuania, Danske Bank

2. Spinning classes – raising funds for child cancer foundations

I‘m a spinning instructor and I sell things before and after my classes – the proceeds of which go to a child cancer foundation. Having two children myself, it’s extremely difficult to imagine what it’s like for children and parents who are hit by cancer. It’s nice to be able to help them in some small way.

Alexander Frick

WM Sales Manager, Danske Bank

3. Mentor scheme – helping migrants into the workforce

Through the organisation Väestöliitto, I am a mentor for Farhana, an immigrant from Bangladesh. She has two university degrees, so my role is to get her acquainted with the Finnish labour market – with the ultimate goal of finding her employment in Finland.

Jenni Ohrankämmen

HR Partner in Finland, Danske Bank