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Financial confidence

Personal finances remain a concern of many, despite the many strengths of the Nordic societies. There is a broad consensus that the development of healthy pen habits early in life is an essential foundation for financial security. Nevertheless, many parents struggle to create good money habits for their children – especially in view of the increased digitalisation of money.

On this page you can read more about how we work to create greater financial security with a special focus on children and young people.

Selected initiatives

The Pocket Money solution

We have developed a digital pocket money solution making it easier for parents to give their children pocket money and teaching them to be confident with money in a digital world. It is available in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Great Pocket Money Day - children opening their own shop
In 2019 GoLittle together with Danske Bank organised the first ‘Great Pocket Money Day’ in Denmark. The purpose of ‘Great Pocket Money Day’ is for children to learn how to make their own pocket money by opening their own small ‘shop’, where they can sell everything from homemade bracelets and clay figures to magic tricks and second-hand toys. 

MoneyCloud: Inspirational universe on how to talk about money habits with children
With spending becoming more and more digital, money is invisible and thus intangible to children.

That is why we launched the MoneyCloud (PengeSkyen) in Denmark, where we, with a number of experts, focus on topics such as understanding money, savings, spending and digital money.
MoneyVille is a Danish game that gives 5 to 9 year-olds a basic understanding of money. Children can earn money and decide whether to spend or save it. Since its launch, MoneyVille has had over 7 million users.

Money week - lectures for 7th-9th graders
Every year in March, employees from Danske Bank in Denmark pack their school bags and visit schools throughout the country to teach 7th-9th grades about money, personal finances and digital security. This is done through teaching, films and competitions, which are tailored to give students a good introduction to money and digital security.

Financial litteracy in Finland
In Finland activities include an educational programme for secondary students, podcasts, ‘sauna talks’ about money and a YouTube video series.

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We want to use our knowledge and assistance to help people with debt problems. We therefore participate in a debt counselling programme arranged by Finance Denmark in cooperation with the Danish YMCA's Social Work and the Vesterbro Settlement, where we offer help free of charge. The aim of the advice is that citizens will be equipped to manage their personal finances and thereby gain financial confidence and a better quality of life. 

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Knowledge and research on children, young people and money habits

Danske Bank contributes with knowledge and research on how we as a society can develop healthy financial habits with future generations. For instance, in our report Helping the next generation build good money habits we share insights as well as practical strategies on how to work with the financial confidence of the next generation of children and young people.
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