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Danske Bank supports Google training initiative giving businesses a digital boost

Digitalisation is taking place all around us – and it is happening at a rapid pace. For this reason, we are giving our support to the Google Success Online Tour, which until 8 October 2019 will be rolling into town centres across Denmark to boost the digital competencies of all those who pay the tour a visit.

Digitalisation is here to stay.

Since 2010, the use of cash in Denmark has dropped by 38%, and according to a recent Epinion study carried out for Danske Bank, three out of four SMEs expect to stop using cash within the coming five years. More and more of our customers are conducting their daily banking activities online, and an increasing number of these customers prefer the extra flexibility offered by being able to meet us online when they need to make important financial decisions.   

Supporting transition and growth in society
At Danske Bank, we are keen to support furthering the financial confidence of our customers in relation to the transition to digital, whilst at the same time promoting growth in society as a whole. It is for this reason that, Danske Bank is one of the partners working with the Google Success Online Tour, which up until 8 October will be offering free digital courses to businesses, entrepreneurs and interested citizens in a number of towns and cities across Denmark.

Together with PwC, Vækstfonden, Innovation Fund Denmark, and the local businesses hubs – all of whom are partners – we also offer free training in the planning and financing of growth. 

We’re part of this tour because we want to get close to our customers on a local level across Denmark, and we want to support growth and digital development in society – in this case, growth among SMEs. It’s a good way of entering into dialogue and listening to the customers’ needs and reactions.

Søren Jan Nielsen

Head of Danske Bank Business

Equipping the people of Denmark with what they need for a digital future is a key priority for Google. And I’m very impressed with the level of enthusiasm to acquire new skills that we’re seeing. Companies want to develop their businesses. Individual citizens are on the lookout for new career opportunities – or want to keep their current jobs. So I’m also proud that we’re able to get this initiative rolling across Denmark with our Google Success Online Tour, for example in Frederica. I hope a lot of people will drop by.

Malou Aamund

Country Director for Google Denmark 

Listen to four people talk about what they learned from their visit 


Google Success Online – what you need to know

  • Topics taught by Google Success Online include digitalisation, online security, digital marketing, social media, and the planning and financing of growth. 
  • Google Success Online is an initiative from Google in collaboration with the Danish Business Authority, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH), IT-Branchen, IVÆKST and other organisations.
  • Since 2012, Google Success Online has been holding courses across Denmark and has taught more than 70,000 people about digitalisation.
  • The initiative uses experience and expertise from the private and the public sectors, organisations, industry professionals and businesses. The objective is that the knowledge gained can be put into immediate practice in the labour market. 
  • The teaching is neutral, which means that teaching tools, course content etc. have been selected by external experts.