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Optimism high among Danish online businesses

The number of businesses within online shopping has more than doubled since the beginning of 2000. Businesses are confident that the future is theirs – both in a domestic and international perspective.

Online sales is here to stay. For a growing number of businesses in Denmark sales move online not just to supplement core sales in physical shops but as the primary sales channel. New data from Danske Bank published in the study 'Danskernes Økonomiske Tryghed 2019' shows both a major increase in sales volumes online and employment in this sector.

The data 

  • In 2007 the number of employees in a typical Danish online sales business was around person. In 2016 that number had grown to 2.7
  • The number of self-employed Danes within the IT and online sales sector has risen by 20 pct. since 2010
  • More than 1/3 of the self-employed Danes working in this area are below age 40 
  • Danish online sales businesses increased their total sales from 7,5 billion DKK (2010) to more than 26 billion DKK in 2018
  • From 2000-2018 the number of people working in retail online businesses has grown 500 pct. 

The beginning of a trend set to continue

The change from physical to digital sales is happening really fast these years. And looking forward it’s likely that we’re just in the beginning of a trend set to continue for a long time. Behind these online businesses are owners much more optimistic than business owners in general: they see a future with expanding sales and ambitions beyond their home market. 

Louise Aggerstrøm Hansen

Private Economist, Danske Bank

Businesses within ecommerce more than doubled since 2000


Data source: Danmarks Statistik - businesses with the majority of their revenue within ecommerce, Graphic: Danske Bank