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Copenhagen Pride Week: We celebrate diversity – all year round

Copenhagen Pride Week takes place from 17 to 22 August with a program that celebrates diversity. Danske Bank is an official sponsor of Copenhagen Pride and employees celebrate diversity through a number of activities during the week.

Copenhagen Pride Week is a human rights festival that celebrates diversity and the right to be who you are. Although the iconic parade through the streets of Copenhagen unfortunately has been cancelled this year due to coviv-19, a staff-driven network in the bank has launched a wide range of activities where more than 600 colleagues show their support to Pride digitally and physically in small groups.

Among other things, external speakers have been invited to give presentations focusing on diversity and inclusion, and a small group of employees will participate in ‘Run with Pride’ - a 5 km run in the capital dressed in the colours of the rainbow.

In addition, we are sponsoring Copenhagen Pride, and our headquarters is decorated in the colours of the rainbow. As something new, colleagues at the bank can also volunteer to support Copenhagen Pride Week.

Diversity is a strength
At Danske Bank, we work with diversity and inclusion all year round, which is part of our efforts to become a Better Bank towards 2023 We see a diverse staff as a strength and a prerequisite for delivering on our ambition to offer the best customer experiences. With more than 20,000 employees, just under 3 million customers and a presence in 14 countries, diversity in backgrounds, languages and perspectives is already a large part of our everyday lives.

"We support Copenhagen Pride because we want to contribute to a society in which everyone can be free to be who they are. Furthermore, the LGBTQ+ agenda is closely linked to Danske Bank's focus on diversity and inclusion, and therefore it is natural for us to support Copenhagen Pride. I am proud that we mark this year’s Pride through a large number of initiatives, because it is an important agenda that concerns us all," says Karsten Breum, Head of Group HR

A long journey
Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy forms the basis for our efforts to ensure a diverse workforce reflecting the society we are part of.

Gender diversity is a recognised multiplier for other areas of diversity. Therefore, we are focusing on increasing the number of women management positions through our recruitment processes as well as succession and talent work. Our target is to increase the share of women in senior leadership positions from 23% to 35% – corresponding to an increase of 50%

In our Sustainability report, we describe our activities and performance each year.

Sustainability report 2019

In 2019, we introduced principles for recruitment to senior leadership roles, both internally and externally. This means that the recruitment panel will always include a woman, as will the final group of candidates. In addition, our female executive talents have access to a mentor to help accelerate their career development towards more senior roles.

Recently, we have set up a diversity & inclusion committee and appointed employees in all parts of the bank to ensure further progress in the area.
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