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Helping more and more future growth companies

Danske Bank has stepped up its ambitions for supporting start-up companies. By 2023, our goal is to have helped 10,000 companies on their growth journey.

For tech-based entrepreneurs with global ambitions and a desire to grow their business faster than their earnings – the so-called start-ups – banks play an important role. Not so much as a classic credit provider, but as business enabler and an adviser when, for example, growth companies need help to find venture capital and qualified employees, to scale their business and to state their positive impact on society as a whole.

Danske Bank has a stated goal of helping start-ups and scale-ups grow their business and increase their potential to create new jobs and increase economic growth. Some of these companies are building their businesses on solving a number of global challenges. The best way we can help them is by making our expertise and networks available to them. That’s the logic behind the creation of The Hub, Danske Bank Growth and +impact.

Klavs Hjorth

Head of Growth & Impact, Danske Bank

The Hub - a help when looking for investors and employees

Via the website, customers and non-customers can find the employees they need and get an overview of possible investors. In terms of credit, these types of companies are too risky to be bankable in a classic sense, which is why they need to find investors elsewhere – and this is how we can help them.

“These types of tech stat-ups are growing strongly in number, and their growth potential is explosive. Their appetite for investment is huge from the start, and they are ready to reinvest all earnings in the company. Their clear ambition is to grow, and grow very fast and very much. These kind of companies represent the future growth companies, and as a bank we want to be part of their entire journey – from small to large companies,” says Klavs Hjort.

3 examples on our support

  • The Hub The largest start-up portal in the Nordic region, free to use and open for non-customers. Facilitates recruitment of employees and investors. Around 600-700 new jobs uploaded to the portal each month. 
  • +impact Portal for impact start-ups – start-ups that have sustainability integrated into their business model. Helps businesses connect with experts to solve specific business challenges. 
  • Danske Bank Growth An offering for all start-up customers in the Nordic region targeting all phases of the company’s journey: beginning, growth and exit. Offers access to specialised advisers, helps to secure international growth, provides fast and simple banking solutions, helps find funding and networks.