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Everyday banking free of charge

Press release

Everyday banking free of charge - with advisory services
As of today, Danske Bank Denmark is removing all charges on everyday banking services for customers who use the Bank's online banking system and its ATMs.

Customers will no longer pay to get a Visa/Dankort, and using the card in the Bank's 950 ATMs will continue to be free of charge as well. Fees have also been removed from a number of internationally wellknown credit cards with attractive insurance schemes, and ordinary overdraft facilities will be established at no cost. The fee for credit cards such as American Express Card and Danske MasterCard Mobil is now DKr0 per year.

The only condition required to qualify for free everyday banking is that a customer must take care of his or her own everyday banking needs. In addition, customers must have satisfactory credit evaluations to have credit cards issued to them or credit facilities placed at their disposal.

Customers who use the Bank's online banking system and ATMs will - like other customers - have free access to personal advisory services in any one of the Bank's 431 branches. Selfservice customers can also call the Contact Centre (open 24/7) for service and advice.

"Today, we introduce an entirely new way of banking. We offer our customers all the advantages of selfservice combined with a large branch network, 24/7 phone services and very sharp prices - while never compromising on our advisory services," says Henrik Normann, Head of Banking Activities Denmark. "We believe that online selfservices combined with highquality personal advisory services from our extensive branch network are the future of retail banking."

While Danske Bank now makes largely all everyday banking transactions free of charge, it also offers selfservice customers low borrowing rates and attractive deposit rates.

"With our new sharp price policy, we want to move the focus of the debate from price to quality," says Henrik Normann. "There should be no reason not to choose Danske Bank merely on grounds of pricing. We want customers to choose Danske Bank because, as Denmark's largest bank, we have experts in every field of banking and can offer advice on any subject involving banking services. We have a branch close to the large majority of Danes, and our services are available when convenient for our customers."

"We want our customers to get the full benefit of selfservice banking, while letting our advisory staff concentrate on what they do best: advise on pension savings, home finance, investments and other major financial decisions," concludes Henrik Normann.

Since the beginning of last year, Danske Bank has implemented eight price and interest rate policy changes to make banking more advantageous for customers.