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Updated EBA capital test

Updated EBA capital test

At the request of the European Banking Authority (EBA), Danske Bank announces the results of an update to the capital test conducted in December 2011. Danske Bank was one of the 71 European Banks included in the test.

The EBA set the limit for passing the test at a tier 1 capital ratio of 9%. At 30 June 2012, Danske Banks core tier 1 capital ratio was calculated at 14.3%. That is an improvement from the 13.8% calculated for the Bank in the December 2011 test. Consequently, Danske Bank remains well above the EBA threshold.

The results of the EBA’s capital exercise are enclosed and will also be available at

”The EBA test results confirm, once again, that Danske Bank has a strong capital base and that we are still among the best-capitalised banks in Europe,” says Henrik Ramlau-Hansen, CFO of Danske Bank.

Danske Bank

Henrik Ramlau-Hansen, Chief Financial Officer, tel. +45 45 14 06 66
Martin Gottlob, Head of Investor Relations, tel. +45 45 14 07 92 / +45 25 27 25 41
Kenni Leth, Head of Press Relations, tel. +45 45 14 56 83 / 51 71 43 68

Download the updated results of the EBA’s capital exercise (PDF)