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Head of Communications leaves Danske Bank

The head of Danske Bank’s Group Communications for the past nearly four years, Eva Hald, is resigning.
“It has been three and a half challenging, hectic and exciting years, during which the Bank has seen a myriad of changes and has been the centre of an extreme amount of attention,” says Eva Hald. “There is no doubt that the Bank still faces a communication challenge, but having given it serious consideration, I have decided to pass on the responsibility to new people in order to try something new.”
“I have great understanding for Eva’s decision,” says Eivind Kolding, Chairman of the Bank’s Executive Board. “She has worked hard to modernise and structure our communications, to increase transparency and to strengthen relations with our stakeholders. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I wish her all the best in the future.”
Eva Hald leaves her position at the end of June. Danske Bank will now start the process of finding a successor with strong competencies and experience within branding and marketing. Until then, Anne Søgaard Melchiorsen and Kim Larsen will be in charge of Group Communications, which is responsible for the Bank’s overall communications and marketing.
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