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Danske Bank appoints new Chief Economist in Denmark

Press release

Danske Bank has named Las Olsen new Chief Economist in Denmark. Las Olsen comes from a position as Chief and Brand Economist in Danske Bank and will begin in his new role immediately.

Danske Bank has found their new Chief Economist within their own ranks as Las Olsen, now former Chief and Brand Economist, has taken up the position starting today.

Jakob Groot, Global Head of Danske Markets, is delighted about the appointment of Las Olsen which comes after a thorough hiring process. He underlines that Las has the right qualifications and experience to further strengthen and develop the economic analysis that Danske Bank delivers to its customers, the media, and society on a daily basis.

"Las Olsen has, through a number of years, demonstrated that he has the right professional and personal qualities to take up the position as Chief Economist. We want to continue to strengthen our economic analysis and contribute with new knowledge and insights to our customers and the wider public debate. I am confident that Las – together with the rest of our strong team of economists – will ensure that we continue to deliver analysis of the highest quality," Jakob Groot says.

Las Olsen has worked as Chief and Brand Economist in Danske Bank since 2007. In that role he has primarily focused on consumer economics, however he has also on several occasions acted as stand-in Chief Economist with focus on the broader economic development. Las Olsen is looking forward to beginning in his new job and continue the good work of Steen Bocian.

"Personal consumption is a very interesting and important part of the economy. However, I am looking forward to working even more with the broader picture. The economy is in a very exiting period with negative interest rates and many global challenges – and we have a big responsibility in analysing, understanding and conveying what this means for the economy and society at large," Las Olsen says.

About Las Olsen
Las Olsen is 44 years old and took his Masters Degree from the university of Copenhagen 18 years ago. Before he began his work as an economist in Danske Bank, he was economist in Nordea. He has also been a reporter at the Danish newspaper Berlingske for 5 years.

  • Born in 1971 in Copenhagen.
  • Cand.polit. from the University of Copenhagen in 1998.
  • 1995-2001: Unibank/Nordea as Senior Economist.
  • 2001-2006: Journalist at Berlingske.
  • 2006-2007: Analyst at Morningstar.
  • 2007-2015: Chief and Brand Economist at  Danske Bank.

Married to Mette since 2005. They have two children and live in Copenhagen.