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Danske Bank moves into new domicile in 2023

In 2023, Danske Bank’s domicile will move from Holmens Kanal to new offices at Postgrunden near Copenhagen central station. As a result, Danske Bank’s corporate functions will be gathered at two addresses in Greater Copenhagen.

The new domicile is a continuation of Danske Bank’s strategy in recent years to create a more customer-driven, simple and efficient bank.

“The new domicile will offer physical settings that support our ambition to run a modern and innovative bank for customers as well as employees. The building is designed to provide a good customer experience and optimal settings for collaboration and use of technology.”

- Thomas F. Borgen, Chief Executive Officer 

In addition to offering a modern and up-to-date environment for both customers and employees, the new domicile at Postgrunden will be part of a new urban area in the heart of Copenhagen.

“We look forward to becoming an active part of a new and exciting area in Copenhagen, and our new domicile will help us create an even more open and accessible bank,” says Thomas F. Borgen.

In addition to housing around 4,000 employees, the new domicile will include a bank museum, a café and a branch. From 2023, Danske Bank’s corporate functions in Greater Copenhagen will be gathered partly at the new domicile at Postgrunden, partly at Høje Taastrup, where the bank will keep its existing offices.

Goodbye to Holmens Kanal
The relocation to the new domicile also means that in 2023, Danske Bank will leave the offices at Holmens Kanal, which have served as the Group’s domicile since 1875.

“There is no doubt that Holmens Kanal has been a key part of Danske Bank’s 147-year long history and cultural identity that we take with us to our new domicile,” says Thomas F. Borgen. “But if Danske Bank is to continue to be a modern and innovative bank for our customers and staff, we must work in a new and more up-to-date environment, which to a higher degree meets our ambitions.”

For further information, journalists can contact our press department on +45 45 14 14 00.


  • Danske Bank’s new domicile is designed to accommodate a staff of up to 4,150 working there on a daily basis. In addition, the buildings will accommodate about 1,000 guests.
  • Postgrunden is currently being prepared for the construction of Danske Bank’s new domicile, which is expected to start in 2019.
  • Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects have designed the buildings, and Danica Pension is the developer.
  • Danske Bank will rent the new domicile at Postgrunden. On completion, the buildings will be owned in equal shares by ATP and Danica Pension.
  • In 2016, Danske Bank sold its current domicile at Holmens Kanal to Standard Life for DKK 1.4 billion. Today, we rent the premises.