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Corporate volunteering

At Danske Bank, our more than 21,000 employees are passionate about making a difference. For our customers and for the communities we are part of. We are proud of the role we have in many communities where we help support the economic development of both domestic and local businesses. But we also know that in all communities there are challenges, smaller and larger – and those challenges we would like to try to help solve.

That's why we've launched Time to Give that gives all employees one day a year, where they can work voluntarily and make an even greater difference to their local environment.

Meet some of our volunteers

Ski-guide for Ridderrennet in Norway


“The World’s largest winter sports event for visually impaired and disabled persons. This year I have actually guided the same person I guided 12 years ago.”

“My contribution is rather limited compared to what it means for the participants. It's so satisfying to see the joy and happiness such activities gives.”

 Finn Traneid, Private Banker, Ski-guide for Ridderrennet in Norway

Volunteer for Mind Your Own Business


‘Mind Your Own Business’ offers boys from vulnerable neighbourhoods the opportunity to start up their own microbusinesses in order to strengthen their social and professional competencies as well as their affiliation with the educational system and the job market.

Our volunteer programme is call ‘Time to Give’. But I prefer to call it ‘Time to Get’. Because I get a lot out of helping the boys. I believe it is important to support these boys in starting up their own business and in this way show them opportunities that they may not see in their daily lives.

Erik SiggaardHead of Financing Products & Processes, Volunteer at Mind Your Own Business.

Fundraiser for Børns Vilkår


Børns Vilkår works to ensure children's inherent right to feel safe, well-treated, and happy.

To ensure children can get the help they need. Also a good chance to talk to my own kids about the challenges some children face – not everyone is as lucky as us.

Thomas Manthorpe, Chief Portfolio Manager in Group Treasury, Fundraiser for Børns Vilkår


Volunteer for ActionAid


ActionAid is a global organisation that works towards a world without poverty and injustice. I participate in setting the strategic direction for ActionAid’s work to prevent corruption achieve social justice, gender equality and poverty eradication.” 

“It makes sense to me because I work with AML in the bank – and can use my skills to make a positive impact for someone else.

Ole Anand, AML Advisor, CSD (Business customers), Volunteer for ActionAid International in Uganda


News about our volunteer work

  • More than 900 employees from across Danske Bank volunteered during 2020, despite difficulties caused by restrictions and the corona pandemic.

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  • Danske Bank now launches a partnership with The Children's Aid Foundation (Børnehjælpsdagen). The NGO works to strengthen children and young people living in care in Denmark, giving them the best possibilities for a good and independent life.

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  • The UN has designated 5 December as International Volunteer Day, and on this day we are also announcing who has been chosen as Danske Bank Volunteer of the Year. The winner has been found after we launced Time to Give earlier in 2019 – a voluntary-work initiative programme that gives employees the opportunity to spend one workday per year carrying out voluntary work.

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  • Earlier this year, Danske Bank launched the voluntary-work initiative Time to Give – a programme that gives employees the opportunity to spend one workday per year carrying out voluntary work. Many employees have already begun making a difference through the programme – for example in eastern Jutland, where we are supporting the NGO Det Kærlige Måltid.

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  • Earlier this year, Danske Bank launched Time to Give – a new programme that gives employees in all countries the opportunity to spend one workday per year carrying out voluntary work.

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Our partnerships

The employees in Danske Bank can either choose to find their own volunteer work or they can sign up to a project headed by Danske Bank. The partnerships are always entered into with a strategic aim where we help in areas that support our strategy for social responsibility.

  • Danske Bank has a partnership with Blue Cross Denmark (Blå Kors Danmark). In the partnership the Bank guides Blue Cross Denmark's users in finance and debt as well as helping with other practical tasks.

  • Danske Bank has a partnership with Mind your own Business, where we help boys aged 13-19 years from vulnerable neighborhoods kick-start micro-businesses.

  • Danske Bank has a partnership with Children's Aid Foundation, which focuses on improving living conditions of children and young people in Denmark, so they get the best conditions for a good life.

    Danske Bank supports  Children's Aid Foundation in several ways, including education in personal finances and Drømmedag. On Drømmedag (Dream day), employees from the Bank fulfill dreams for the children and young people in care which will otherwise not come true. The dreams can be anything from getting a bike to meeting a well-known youtuber.

  • Danske Bank has a partnership with Den Sociale Retshjælp (The Social Legal Aid), where we help them with tasks in their personal finances.

  • Danske Bank has a partnership with Hus Forbi (Danish association for homeless selling street newspapers), where we help cook for the homeless and distribute Hos Forbi newspapers to the sellers.

  • Danske Bank has a partnership with Danske Hospitalsklovne (The Danish Hospital clowns), where we help the hospital clowns with their personal finances and ongoing fundraising tasks such as the Klovneløb.

  • Too many young people leave primary school without being aware of what they are good at. This makes it difficult for them to choose an education and jobs, and more young people do not start an education at all. This increases the risk that they will end up outside society.

    Landsforeningen Talentspejderne (The Talent scouts) works to help children and young people see their skills and talents and thereby to have a good foundation for education and career. Employees of Danske Bank can work voluntarily as mentors at Talentspejderne.

  • Danske Bank has entered a partnership with Ren Natur (Clean Nature) that engages businesses, municipalities, associations and private individuals for waste collection throughout Denmark.

    The cooperation agreement still allows the Bank's employees to use their annual day of voluntary work to go on routes for Ren Natur, where they collect thrown waste together with their colleagues.

Contact us

If you have questions about our voluntary work you are welcome to send us an email.