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Corporate volunteering

Employees at Danske Bank have the opportunity to spend three workdays per year to participate in voluntary work as part of our ‘Time2Give’ program.  

The employees can either choose to volunteer on their own or with their team. They also choose which cause they want want to support and in some countries they can sign up for an event organised by Danske Bank together with a local organisation.

At Danske Bank, colleagues are passionate about making a difference. Both for the customers and for the communities we are part of. Time2Give provides employees with the opportunity to contribute to solving the challenges facing society, and the program also creates greater employee engagement and well-being.

Ea Elisabeth Fabricius Wederwang

Head of Danske Banks' Time2Give program 

The effect in numbers in 2023


4,459 employees have volunteered for 36,455 hours

The value of these hours is more than DKK 7.08 million 

71% were inspired to take on additional voluntary work outside office-hours
Employee well-being

85% state that they feel an increased sense of team spirit because of corporate volunteering

Stories about corporate volunteering

A record high number of employees contribute to a good cause

36,456. That is the number of hours employees from Danske Bank across borders have used on supporting a good cause in 2023 through the Group's corporate volunteering programme Time2Give. The programme gives employees the opportunity to volunteer three days a year.
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Volunteers of the Year celebrated in Danske Bank on UN International Volunteer Day

December 5 is UN International Volunteer Day.

We marked the day by celebrating Time2Give Volunteers of the Year across Denmark, Lithuania, and Finland. The three 'winners' were chosen for their dedication  and for being inspiring role models to colleagues. In Denmark for example, the winner organised for several colleagues across her department to volunteer their unique skills to the benefit of an organisation that works to combat loneliness among young people. 

Employees collect 2,000 kilos of waste as part of World Cleanup Day

On September 11, 2023, Danske Bank employees in Lithuania and across the Nordic countries collected almost 2,000 kilos of waste near the bank's locations in connection with World Cleanup Day. The activities were made possible by our voluntary programme, Time2Give.

” The many kilo of waste unfortunately shows that there is still a need for campaigns such as World Cleanup Day ”, says EA Weedwang, Head of Corporate Volunteering at Danske Bank.

Image: Finnish employees collect waste on September 11, 2023

Danske Bank is sowing the early seeds of entrepreneurship

A collaboration between Danske Bank and the Foundation for Entrepreneurship will set up Denmark's young start-up talents for future success. Through financial support and our sparring with high-school students, we will strengthen their financial literacy. Our employees work voluntarily through Time2Give as for example judges at the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival.

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Danske Bank enters partnership with Pant-for-Pant to help vulnerable groups

Danske Bank has established a collaboration with Pant-for-Pant, a non-profit bottle and can recycling programme set up by Hus Forbi. Through this collaboration, Danske Bank employees can carry out voluntary work that contributes to creating jobs for people who otherwise would be without one.

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More stories

  • Danske Bank has launched a partnership with The Children's Aid Foundation (Børnehjælpsdagen). The NGO works to strengthen children and young people living in care in Denmark, giving them the best possibilities for a good and independent life.

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  • More than 900 employees from across Danske Bank volunteered during 2020, despite difficulties caused by restrictions and the corona pandemic.

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  • Many employees make a difference through Time2Give – for example in eastern Jutland, where we are supporting the NGO Det Kærlige Måltid.

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  • The UN has designated 5 December as International Volunteer Day. We are announcing who has been chosen as Danske Bank Volunteer of the Year. 

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  • Danske Bank has launched Time2Give – a programme that gives employees in all countries the opportunity to spend one workday per year carrying out voluntary work.

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Blue Cross Denmark 

Blue Cross Denmark (Blå Kors Danmark) is a social welfare organisation that helps socially vulnerable children, young people and adults in Denmark. As well as helping out in Blue Cross charity shops, volunteers from Danske Bank also provide those receiving support from Blue Cross with guidance on money matters.

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The Children’s Aid Foundation

The Children’s Aid Foundation (Børnehjælpsdagen) is a Danish non-profit organisation that works to improve the lives of children in care and socially abandoned young people in Denmark so that they become better equipped to successfully manage their own lives. At Danske Bank, we have helped these children and young people to fulfil their dreams, and we have also helped to wrap up Christmas presents in December.

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The Danish non-profit organisation Børneulykkesfonden works to reduce the number of child accidents by educating parents and others who are in daily contact with children about child safety. Danske Bank employees volunteer at a range of events held by Børneulykkesfonden.

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Copenhagen Pride

Copenhagen Pride organizes activities and events for and with the LGBTQIA+ environment. Every year in August, Danske Bank employees volunteer at Copenhagen Pride in Copenhagen.

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Cycling Without Age

Trained ‘cycle pilots’ from Cycling Without Age (Cykling uden alder) take local senior citizens and care home residents on trishaw cycle rides to provide them with new experiences and fresh air. As a volunteer cycle pilot, Danske Bank volunteers can provide trishaw cycle rides in their local area or near to their place of work.

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Det Kærlige Måltid

Through the non-profit organisation Det Kærlige Måltid (Loving Meals), volunteers work together to make meals for families in the municipalities of Aarhus and Aalborg who have been affected by life-threatening illness or trauma. Colleagues from Danske Bank help both with preparing the meals and delivering them. 

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FitforKids works to fight the disparity in health that affects socially vulnerable children. The organisation offers a free and fun training community for children and their families. After completing an education programme to become an instructor, Danske Bank employees can teach and instruct in 32 municipalities across Denmark.

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Fonden for Entreprenørskab

Fonden for Entreprenørskab’s goal is to ensure that entrepreneurship is a part of the education that young adults receive in Denmark at all educational levels. Our employees work voluntarily through Time2Give as for example judges at the Danish Entrepreneurship Festival.

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FødevareBanken is the most impactful organisation in Denmark working to reduce food waste and food poverty. FødevareBanken receives surplus food from producers and suppliers; repacks the donations and then distributes them to various organisations supporting people in vulnerable life situations with meals. In 2022, 1491 tons of food was turned into more than 3.7 million meals. Danske Bank employees volunteer as service staff at the warehouses in Brøndby, Aarhus and Kolding.

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Help to Help

Help to Help is a non-profit foundation that facilitates financial support to enable university education for young people in East Africa. At Danske Bank, employees help by interviewing applicants via an on-line platform.

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Hus Forbi

This initiative helps create debate about homeless people and the socially vulnerable. One of the ways Danske Bank volunteers help is by assisting in the Hus Forbi food kitchen and in the Pant for Pant bottle deposit collection project.

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Kaffe Karma

Kaffe Karma employs socially vulnerable individuals who together with volunteer coffee enthusiasts brew and sell coffee from green barista-bikes and cafés in Copenhagen, Køge and Roskilde. Danske Bank employees participate as baristas and as support for the Kaffe Karma employees.

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KFUM’s Sociale Arbejde

KFUM’s Sociale Arbejde is a Danish social non-governmental organisation with 174 social offerings across Denmark. As such, Danske Bank employees across the country have the opportunity to volunteer locally and help with a range of tasks.

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Mind Your Own Business

The Mind Your Own Business organisation provides help and support to teenage males between the ages of 13 and 19 who are in vulnerable situations. Working with volunteers, the organisation provides the youngsters with the opportunity to set up their own microbusinesses, and volunteers from Danske Bank help with aspects such as setting up an account and preparing a budget.

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Move United

Move United pairs up blind and partially sighted individuals with sighted individuals, who then accompany their visually impaired partner on nature trips and in physical exercise activities. It is also possible to participate by being a volunteer mentor, providing your partner with career and network mentoring.

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Muskelsvindfonden supports people affected by muscular dystrophy by for example running a rehabilitation- and a recreation center. Muskelsvindfonden finances its activities through events such as Grøn Koncert and Cirkus Summarum. Danske Bank employees volunteer as service staff at the events across Denmark during summer.

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Ren Natur

Ren Natur is an initiative developed by Hold Danmark Rent. Hold Denmark Rent (Keep Denmark Tidy) is a non-profit organisation working to reduce the amount of litter and waste disposed irresponsibly. Each year, Danske Bank employees can volunteer to walk designated routs together with their colleagues to picking up litter and waste.

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Red Cross Denmark 

Danske Bank volunteers help Red Cross Copenhagen in their charity shops and with various practical tasks at different drop-in centres for, for example, the homeless.

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Roskilde Festival Logo

Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival Logo
Roskilde Festival is a non-profit and charitable organisation. All financial profit is distributed to initiatives that benefit children and young people as well as cultural work. Since the beginning of the 70s, the festival has generated over EUR 55 million for distribution. Danske Bank employees volunteer as service staff at the festival.

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Landsforeningen Talentspejderne (national association of talent scouts) helps young people to realise and develop their own abilities and talents, so that they can become better equipped to choose an education. All volunteers begin by participating in a certified mentoring course before being partnered with a young person for a programme lasting around six months.

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Wefood is an initiative by Folkekirkens Nødhjælp. The mission is to combat food waste and world hunger. Wefood are stores in Denmark selling surplus foodstuffs, and the profit goes to help people affected by famine around the world. Wefood opened in 2016 and today has six stores across Denmark. Danske Bank employees volunteer as service staff at the Wefood stores in Denmark.

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World Cleanup Day

Each year, the World Cleanup Day event is held in 191 countries. Across our market countries, Danske Bank together with ISS organises its own event for employees, at which litter and waste is collected from our premises.

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