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What is open banking? 

Open Banking is set to be the most seismic shift in financial services since online banking. Giving third parties direct access to banking data opens up a huge landscape of new services for our customers - and business opportunities for many companies.

 We invest time and energy in concepts that give a better customer experience and help our customers manage their personal finances easily.

Open banking in practice

Mobile Pay, Aiia and Minna Technologies are some successful examples of using open banking to create innovative customer solutions.

Mobile Pay

MobilePay disrupted the market for payments by allowing customers to make money transfers in a fast and effective manner. Today the app is one of the most widespread payment solutions in Denmark.


Aiia connects you to all Nordic banks with one single API. Use real-time transaction data from both business and personal accounts to build tailor-made financial services for your clients.

Minna Technologies

Minna Technologies is a full service provider within personal finance management. This partnership brings a unique subscription management service to our online banking customers.

Why work with us?

As a digital front-runner, we want to embrace the possibilities that open banking offers to all involved parties.

Build and enhance your products and services in partnership with us and our stakeholders.

Discover and innovate new customer experiences using our data and insights.

Let millions of users experience your products and services throughout the Nordics, UK and Euro zone.

Rely on a platform with a high degree of security.  Our priority is to keep you and our customers safe. 

Frequently asked questions on open banking

  • No, you are not. You always need to give your permission. It’s always your choice and you need to give your consent, every time, to the different regulated third party solutions.

  • Yes, you can. You always get to choose which regulated third party solution you want to use. You are in charge of deciding what information they can access, and for how long.

  • We treat the open banking topic seriously and take care of security at different levels. Firstly, at a bank level, we always use rigorously tested software and prioritize secure systems. Secondly, all third party solutions have to be regulated in order to use our secure infrastructure. Lastly, you have control, always choosing who can access your data, when and for how long.

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