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Partnering with Danske Bank

We believe in forming partnerships that contribute to the growth and development in our society. Our partnerships span across many different areas – from open banking to societal impact, from Fintech start-ups to mature companies. We believe in co-creating with partners to offer better products and services to our customers.

We invite you to join us.

Strategic partners

Our strategic partnerships are diverse. They range from insurance companies to trade unions and from large private companies to student organisations.


We have established a pan-Nordic partnership with Tryg to offer insurances and unique advantages to our customers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and to develop innovative digital solutions.

Real Estate

Through a diverse range of partnerships with real estate agencies across the Nordics, our customers can benefit from added services provided by agents such as home and Kiinteistömaailma.

Trade unions

In the Nordics, we have partnerships with major trade unions such as Akademikerne, Akava, Saco and TCO, offering benefits to several million members of these unions.

Fintech partners

We embrace open data and believe that cooperating with fintechs will help define the financial products and services of the future. 


Spiir adds a layer of intelligence to your banking data - insights, tips and goals give customers a new understanding of their personal finances.

Minna Technologies

Minna Technologies is a full service provider within personal finance management. This partnership brings a unique subscription management service to our online banking customers.

Tomorrow Tech

Tomorrow Tech is digitizing the Finnish housing market in collaboration with us, other banks, real-estate agents and construction firms. Their platform, DIAS, will offer a fully digital housing journey.

Join our developer community

Go to our developer portal and check out the APIs we are offering, together with their documentation.

Contact us

We encourage all interested parties to reach out and tell us how you see a partnership with Danske Bank.

Danske Bank Growth

As a scaleup, you need a bank that understands you and your business needs. Danske Bank Growth is here to support you at every stage of your journey.


Societal Impact

We want to play an active role and make a positive impact in society by driving sustainable progress and using our expertise to make a positive difference.


Open Banking

As a leading bank in the Nordics and a digital frontrunner, Danske Bank wants to embrace the possibilities that open banking offers to everybody.