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My expertise was utilized from day one 

Kirstine came up with a model that saves her colleagues hours of manual labour every day.  

”I am working in a specialist team, we call our-self, Quant SuperFly Analytics, and we are working with mathematical models for pricing and risk management. I work with automating manual processes by identifying patterns and use data to develop mathematical models to improve trading analytics and business intelligence.”

Exciting tasks and impact from the start
Already from the beginning of her career at Danske Bank, Kirstine was able to influence the ways of working and used the possibility to provide improvements.

“A trader asked me for help. He was doing a lot of manual labour on a daily basis, reading market signals and adjusting his prices accordingly. He asked if I could come up with a model for automating this process. You could say that my task was to build a mathematical model that would mimic the trader's behaviour. Using historical data and in close collaboration with the trader I was able to find a pattern and build a model which immediately got tested in real time and is now up and running, saving the trader a lot of manual work.” 

How do you work in your team?
“My manager is very supportive, he is always encouraging us to learn more and study. We get time to go into depth with our projects, and spend time on investigating theories and latest studies. In my team, we all have our own projects and responsibilities. Once a week we have a casual meeting to discuss what we are doing and help each other if needed. I appreciate that my manager is also part of the team, and productive himself, he is not just having meetings all day."

What are your future career dreams?
“I have a strong theoretical interest, which I am thrilled to apply in practice in my daily work. I would like to write a PhD in collaboration with Danske Bank, which my manager fully support. I just need to identify a relevant topic. I am not dreaming of fancy titles, I am motivated by the exciting tasks we are dealing with in my team.”


Kirstine started her career in Danske Bank, as a 'First Year Analyst' today working as an Analyst, in Quantitative e-trading. She holds a master degree in Mathematics and Economics from Aarhus University.

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