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Issue of new supplementarycapital in pound sterling  

Original announcement entitled "Danske Bank issues new supplementary capital in pound

September 16, 2003

Stock Exchange Announcement No. 20/2003

Danske Bank has decided to issue a bond loan of £350 million (approx. DKr3.7 billion) as supplementary capital. The loan will be issued in the European bond market and listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

The bond loan has a maturity of 18 years. The coupon prevailing until September 29, 2018 has been fixed at 5.375% p.a. with annual interest payments. The issue price has been fixed at 99.913%.

From September 29, 2018, the bonds will be subject to a variable rate and the coupon will be fixed at three-month LIBOR plus a margin of 1.94 percentage points. At the same time the Bank may call the issue at par.

The bonds are issued as part of the refinancing of the Bank's supplementary capital.