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Issue of equity-linked bonds forAB Svensk Eksportkredit  

Original announcement entitled "Danske Bank to arrange issue of equity-linked bonds for AB Svensk Eksportkredit ".

July 23, 2003

Stock Exchange Announcement
Danske Bank will arrange an issue of equity-linked bonds for AB Svensk Eksportkredit.

The bonds will be issued in DKK and with a duration from July 31, 2003 till August 19, 2007, at which time they will be redeemed at par. The annual coupon yield payable ranges from 2.55% to 24.0%. The coupon yield is calculated on the basis of the monthly return on the Dow Jones equity index EURO STOXX 50SM.

Initially, the issue will total DKK 24m, an amount which subsequently may be increased. Danske Bank has purchased the bonds in order to resell them. The bonds will be listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange as of July 31, 2003 and will be registered in the Danish Securities Centre (VP).

A prospectus with additional information on the issue is available on request from Danske Bank as of July 24, 2003.