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Danske Bank issues new bond loan in the euro market

Company Announcement No. 16/2014

In accordance with the plan announced on 12 May 2014 (Announcement No. 15), Danske Bank announces that it has entered into an agreement to issue tier 2 capital in the form of a bond loan for an amount of EUR 500 million (DKK 3.7 billion).

The bond loan has a maturity of 12 years. The coupon in effect until 19 May 2021 is set at 2.75% p.a., with annual interest payments and an issue price of 99.893%.

The fixed coupon will be reset on the interest payment date seven years after the issue date. At that time, Danske Bank has the option of prepaying the bond loan at par.

The bond loan will be listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.

The bond loan forms part of Danske Bank’s ongoing adjustment of its capital structure.

Danske Bank A/S

Christoffer Møllenbach, Group Treasurer, tel. +45 45 14 63 60