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Addition/correction: DB US High Yield 2019

Company Announcement No. 19/2014

On 13 June 2014, Danske Bank published the Preliminary Final Terms for “DB US High Yield 2019” (ISIN XS1078029326) – see company announcement No. 17/2014.

As of today, Danske Bank has added BIL Danmark, Filial af Banque Internationale à Luxembourg SA as an Authorised Offeror on the issue and are therefore publishing Amended Preliminary Final Terms that reflect this change.

Furthermore, the English language version of the announcement of 13 June 2014 described the notes as “steepener notes”, with a maturity date of 15 June 2019. That is not correct. The notes are “credit-linked notes” with a maturity date of 15 July 2019. We apologise for the mistake.

For further information about this issue, please see the Amended Preliminary Final Terms, which are published with this announcement.

Danske Bank A/S

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