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2020: Employees still volunteered despite corona

More than 900 employees from across Danske Bank volunteered during 2020, despite difficulties caused by restrictions and the corona pandemic.

Employees in Danske bank are dedicated to making a difference to customers and the societies, that we are a part of, and in 2019, Danske Bank kick-started a corporate volunteering programme called Time to Give, that makes it possible for all employees across markets to use a yearly workday on volunteer work. More than 1000 employees volunteered through the programme in 2019.

The restrictions due to Corona have made it difficult for employees to volunteer during the year, but an expansion of the programme made it possible for employees to help people in need.

For instance, they could help vulnerable people with grocery shopping or support local shops. Furthermore, more outdoor and virtual volunteering has arisen, and it has also been possible for employees with health care or military backgrounds to volunteer for health care or military service in thefight against coronavirus.

3 examples on volunteering from 2020

25 employees volunteered for the Copenhagen Pride organisation during Copenhagen Pride Week 2020 – Including Lars who awarded with the title ‘Volunteer of the Year 2020’.

He has created awareness of the LGBTQ+ agenda in Danske Bank e.g. by starting up an internal Rainbow Network.

Employees in India helped plant hundreds of saplings extending the periphery of a reserve forest.

15 volunteers in Poland organized an educational banking event for 12 children from the NGO “Heart for children”, which is a foundation that works for a better life for children from dysfunctional and poor families in Warsaw.

Efforts mean a lot during challenging times

”2020 has been a very different year, also in Danske Bank, but through creativity, hard work and new virtual opportunities, many of our great colleagues have still made a difference to society through Time to Give”, says Nicoline Weih, responsible for corporate volunteering in Danske Bank. She continues:

“Our colleagues’ efforts mean a lot to the NGO’s, especially in a challenging time like this, where we are all going through a pandemic, and therefore we celebrate our volunteers in by the end of the year”.

Facts about ’Time to Give’ 

  • A part of our Societal Impact strategy
  • All employees gets to spend a yearly workday volunteering
  • Employees can pick a cause that matters to them, as long as it has no political, religious or discriminating aim

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