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New partnership: We make dreams come true for children in care in Denmark

Danske Bank now launches a partnership with The Children's Aid Foundation (Børnehjælpsdagen). The NGO works to strengthen children and young people living in care in Denmark, giving them the best possibilities for a good and independent life.

Danske Bank supports The Children's Aid Foundation in several ways - one is 'Dream Day', which stems from the project “The dream bank” developed by The Children’s Aid Foundation.

Employees use Time to Give-day to fulfil dreams
At ’Dream Day’ Danske Banks employees use their so-called, Time to Give-day, a voluntary-work initiative programme that gives employees the opportunity to spend one workday per year carrying out voluntary work. At ‘Dream Day’, the employees work together, to make dreams come true for children and young people in care. Dreams that would not otherwise come true.

Meet some of the colleagues that make dreams come true


The dreams are very different
The dreams can be everything from wishing for a new book to meeting a celebrity YouTuber or musician. Common to the dreams is that they have a great impact on the children and young people's lives in the future - for example in relation to family, friendships, education or jobs. Through their network and by being creative, Danske Bank employees try to make their dreams come true - for example by calling shops and the like to help donate.

Dreams are essential to our sense of self-worth
”To dream is essential to our self-worth. Dreams are our hopes and goals - and play a big part in giving life meaning. To see a dream being fulfilled provides the children with a greater belief in a positive future, where hopes and dreams come true”, says Susanne Jensen, project manager at The Children's Aid Foundation.

With this partnership, we get the opportunity to make a real difference to some of the children that need help the most. Many of the children have not learned about finances and are often left to figure it out on their own. At that point, we can help The Children's Aid Foundation in many ways.

Nicoline Weih, responsible for the Time to Give programme, Danske Bank

Time to Give - what you need to know

  • All employees have the opportunity to spend one workday per year carrying out voluntary work.
  • Employees decide themselves which projects they choose to support – the work undertaken must, however, not be political, religious or discriminatory in nature.
  • Time to Give has been inspired by programmes and activities that already exist within Danske Bank.

Meet other volunteers from Danske Bank