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Danske Bank first in the Nordics with a solution for viewing business accounts from other banks

Business customers in Danske Bank can now easily view their accounts and payments across multiple banks in one overview. The new solution is based on Open Banking and is an important step towards more innovation and transparency for business customers.

Many businesses use more than one bank, and it can be both time-consuming and difficult to get an overview of accounts and payments and find the necessary data. In order to optimise and simplify the daily work, Danske Bank has developed “Accounts from other banks”, which enables businesses to view accounts and payments across banks in one overview in the financial platform District.

More than hundred customers have already tested “Accounts from other banks”, and the response has been positive: 

”Many pilot customers have told us that they can save a lot of time and increase efficiency as a result of the overview provided by the solution. This is very valuable for them – particularly in this time of corona virus, when it is necessary to make quick decisions and having the full overview of liquidity”, says Charlotte Schiøttz Hassing from Corporate Digital Solutions and continues:

“Some of the pilot customers have actually told us that they can save as much as 4-5 hours every week as they can avoid a great deal of manual work”.

Open Banking becoming a reality
”Accounts from other banks” is based on Open Banking, which is driven by the PSD2 regulations. The new solution is an important step towards more innovation and transparency for business customers, as the purpose of District is to provide customers with a financial platform that connects their financial data and makes it easy for them to get a financial overview.