False or facts? We test 10 myths about impact start-ups in the Nordic countries

Entrepreneurship is one of the bank’s seven societal impact and sustainability focus areas and by 2023, at the least, we will support 10,000 start-ups and scale-ups with growth and impact tools, services and expertise. Data-driven insights like the ones presented in the new report State of Nordic Impact Startups, are yet another way to support the ecosystem.

For the third time, Danske Bank is mapping out Nordic start-ups that address the UN's goals for sustainable development. We call them impact startups - and they are important because by combining the ambition to create growth and sustainability at the same time, they have the potential to become future business winners at a time when the importance of sustainability is rising, both in the eyes of consumers and investors.

Image: Klavs Hjorth,  Head of Growth & Impact, Danske Bank

10 myths - 10 answers

In a new report - State of Nordic Impact Start-ups 2020 - we have carefully identified the 10 most prevalent (mis)conceptions that are preventing surrounding this sector. These (mis)conceptions have been reframed as the top 10 myths. The exploration of the 10 myths should be understood as an invitation for a further dialogue on how we can leverage the Nordic impact start-up ecosystem’s strengths, and how stakeholders can contribute to its improvement through collaboration.

“We believe that the Nordic countries have the prerequisites and potential to become a global epicenter for start-ups. However, we also believe that we cannot lean back and wait for this to happen on its own. To make it a reality, we must actively continue to support the scaling of impact start-ups, help build the right start-ups capabilities, and connect impact start-ups with new businesses and ecosystem partners", says Klavs Hjort, Head of Growth & Impact, Danske Bank.

Test yourself in 3 selected myths from the report

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This report is intended for the investment community and aims to help especially early stage investors, business angels and venture capitalists to gain insights to this growing market of companies insisting that growth can and must take place in a sustainable way.
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