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Danske Bank’s Copenhagen headquarters relocating from Holmens Kanal to Postbyen

In spring 2024, Danske Bank is relocating to a new head office at Bernstorffsgade in Copenhagen after 149 years at Holmens Kanal. The move also marks the first phase of the opening of Copenhagen’s new district, Postbyen.

Since Danske Bank’s foundation in 1871, a key objective for the bank has been to develop alongside the societies it is a part of. Our head office at Holmens Kanal has served as our home for the past 149 years, but to ensure ongoing development, we made the decision in 2017 to build a new head office that can accommodate our growing needs and support the way we work today.  

Architecturally, our new head office in Postbyen has been designed to be both open and transparent – creating an environment that promotes knowledge-sharing and collaboration across all areas of the bank and that also invites the public inside with its cafés and public rights of way through the building. As such, our new domicile represents the bank we want Danske Bank to be for our customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders. 


Open to the public 
Half of the large food court that serves as a canteen for Danske Bank employees is open to the public – as is the café that can be accessed from the large internal walkway or from the external stairway between the two main buildings of our new domicile. The open foyer contains an ATM and leads to Danske Bank’s museum, which can be visited by appointment. 

Deep historical roots – and a focus on the future 
With its more than 150-year history, Danske Bank has deep roots in Denmark and across the Nordic region. The tradition that forms the foundations of Danske Bank will be brought with us to our new head office in Postbyen, but our new domicile has of course been built with the future in mind.

Sustainability has been a high priority – not least in terms of choice of materials, energy consumption and access to public transport – and our head office is certified to the high LEED Gold sustainability standard. The building’s interior reflects Danske Bank’s Nordic origins through its use of oak and poured concrete flooring, pine-clad interior walls, glazed tiles and a colour scheme rooted in light Nordic tones. 

One of Denmark’s largest office complexes
Over the coming years, the Postbyen district will develop to become a more integrated part of Copenhagen. Our new head office will be the home of more than 6,000 employees on a daily basis and is therefore one of Denmark’s largest workplaces.

In addition to our new head office, the Postbyen district will comprise five high-rise residential buildings, other office complexes, a health centre and four storeys of underground space that will make parking in the area easier for the public and for our guests. A cycle path and elevated walkway will pass through the district, connecting Copenhagen central station to Dybbelsbro, and will provide easy access to public transport. 

What is Danske Bank’s new address?

From 1 April 2024, our new address is

Danske Bank
Bernstorffsgade 40
1577 København V 

More about our history

Follow us on the last tour of Holmens Kanal in this video or read more on our history pages.

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