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Danske Bank introduces Scandinavian Emu poll

September 27, 2002

Press release
Once a month for some time to come, Danske Bank will track Emu sentiment in Denmark and Sweden by running its own polls. In step with the increasing likelihood that both Sweden and Denmark will call an Emu referendum, the financial markets will begin to focus on the opinion polls published by various research institutes. Danske Bank’s polls will serve as a pointer to public sentiment in the run-up to the expected referendums for our customers and for the financial markets.

Danske Bank’s poll distinguishes itself from other polls by asking exactly the same questions and using exactly the same methodology in Denmark and in Sweden with the objective of reaching comparable results. The poll allows voters to answer ‘maybe yes’ and ‘maybe no’ in order to better identify changes in the opinions of in-doubt voters.

The first analysis will be published in the morning of Wednesday, June 26. Subsequently, analyses will be published on a monthly basis.

Statistics Denmark and GfK Sverige AB, a major Swedish market research institute, will submit the result of the poll to Danske Bank after 5.00pm on the day before publication. We will publish our analysis on our Web site the next morning at 7.30am. At the same time, we will send the analysis to our customers and to all major news media in Denmark and Sweden.

Read the report on the latest poll (46 kb)