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Danske Bank hires a new head of marketing

Press release

The Danske Bank Group has appointed Joachim Rubow, age 32, as its new head of Group Marketing. Rubow, currently the head of strategic planning at the DDB advertising agency, will begin at Danske Bank on June 1.

Rubow has specialised in strategic branding for many of the largest companies in Denmark. He holds a Masters degree in Communications from Aalborg University and the University of Oregon.

In the Danske Bank Group, Rubow will work with a number of Danish and foreign brands, for which the particular challenges vary greatly.

“I will continue the fine work that has already been achieved with the Group’s brands,” says Rubow. “The challenge is now to take the experience from Danish brands and use it in Ireland, for example. You could say that branding is an international language that functions across national borders. Customers, cultures and so on vary from country to country, however, and effective campaigns therefore require an understanding of customers and consumers.”

Rubow joins Danske Bank at a time when marketing is changing in several areas. The classical TV advertisement is still very important, but its significance is declining.

“Customers demand that we contact them in a number of new ways,” continues Rubow. “It could by blog or podcast or by communicating directly with them about key mileposts in their lives, such as graduation, a home purchase, marriage or divorce. That’s a challenge I look forward to addressing.”