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Powering Nordic Fintech

Open Banking is set to be the most seismic shift in financial services since online banking. As a leading bank in the Nordics and a digital frontrunner, Danske Bank wants to embrace the possibilities together with innovators, fintechs and start-ups. We believe in co-creation in order to provide the best financial services for the Nordics and UK, and in the future you will be able to use our banking APIs to:

Build and enhance your products and services in partnership with Danske Bank

Discover and innovate new customer experiences using Danske Bank insights

Let millions of users experience your products and services throughout the Nordics, UK and Euro zone 

High security based on reliable open standards

Built based on our own FinTech experience

Our banking API is the result of our own learnings developing MobilePay, Sunday and June

Danske Bank takes major step towards Open Banking in the UK

The bank has launched an IT infrastructure that will allow third party companies to develop new solutions for customers. Taking a significant step towards Open Banking, Danske Bank moved ahead on January 13th and launched a pivotal IT infrastructure in the UK

Danske Bank API

Our vision for the future is to supply developers, innovators and start-ups with:

  • A complete banking API

    Secure APIs based on industry standards across a range of core banking functionalities enabling you to develop innovate new business models

  • A solid test environment

    A sandbox environment that allows you to efficiently test API integrations with your apps

  • Community support

    A platform for collaboration and building new digital products and services with other innovators and developers

A network of entrepreneurs
and investors

The Hub community includes a network of over 2,000 nordic start-ups and 200 investors and expert advisors.


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