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Danske Bank's extraordinary general meeting on May 14, 2009

Company Announcement No 11/2009

On Thursday, May 14, an extraordinary general meeting convened by Danske Bank approved the Board of Director’s proposal to

  • amend Article 6.1. of the Articles of Association to authorise the Board of Directors, until May 14, 2014, to raise the Bank’s share capital by up to DKr23,991,500,000 and

  • include a new Article 6.9. in the Articles of Association, reflecting the resolution that notes issued under a loan for DKr23,991,500,000 as hybrid core capital in accordance with Act No. 67 of February 3, 2009, on State-Funded Capital Injections into Credit Institutions may gradually be converted into shares in the Bank if the Bank’s hybrid core capital exceeds 35% of the Bank’s aggregate core capital and will in part be converted into shares in the Bank if the hybrid core capital exceeds 50% of the Bank’s aggregate core capital. The notes will be converted at market price.

The loan agreement and the terms and conditions of the loan are available at


Danske  Bank
Board of Directors' Secretariat
Pernille Jørgensen 
Lars-Johan Sandvik