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Danske Bank makes investing sustainably easier for customers

Danske Bank is adjusting its investment products so both personal and institutional customers can more readily invest sustainably.

Clarifications added on March 11, 2022

To accommodate the rising demand for investment products with a sustainable focus, Danske Bank is adjusting the investment objective for six Danske Invest index funds to pursue the objective of the objective of reduction in carbon emissions through the tracking of a climate transition benchmark.

As a result, the funds have been categorised to disclose information in accordance with article 9 of the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

“We have adjusted our investment products because we are keen to make it easier for our customers – both personal and institutional – to invest in the transition. All of the six funds track the EU Climate Transition Benchmark. This means that companies are selected or excluded and weighted in a way that ensure the funds help reduce climate impact and contribute to the green transition,” explains Thomas Otbo, Chief Investment Officer at Danske Bank.


6 index funds are adjusted... that they track a climate transition benchmark and by that contribute to the objective of reduction in carbon emissions and accordingly contribute to the transition. 
2 index funds are adjusted... there will be more than 90 ESG funds

Expanded selection of ESG investment products
Danske Bank is also expanding its range of funds categorised to disclose information under Article 8 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Reuglation with two index funds. We refer to these funds as “ESG funds” (environmental, social and governance) investment products with two index funds, so there will be more than 90 ESG funds in all that customers across Danske Bank’s markets can invest in.

As ESG funds, the index funds promote environmental and social characteristics through screening, exclusions and active ownership activities. 

A step closer to our targets

Earlier this year, Danske Bank announced two specific targets for ESG and sustainable investment funds:

  • 400 bn DKK in investment funds that promote ESG in 2023
  • 150 bn DKK that have sustainability objectives in 2030

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These newly adjusted investment products are the first step on the road to reaching our 2030 target, and we will be regularly developing and expanding our product range so we can create value for our customers and support the transition to a more sustainable society.

Thomas Otbo

Chief Investment Officer, Danske Bank