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Danske Bank raises ambitions for sustainable financing

Danske Bank raises its sustainable financing ambitions again and revises its target for 2023 to 300 billion DKK. The previous target (100 billion DKK) was reached in early 2021, which reflects major interest and demand for sustainable financing.

Financial institutions play an important role in the green transition, and as one of the largest finan-cial institutions in the Nordic countries, Danske Bank has both the ability and the determination to be part of finding the solutions to the challenges that our planet and societies face.

In February 2020, we introduced new sustainability targets, including our commitment to double our total financing for sustainable purposes from 46 billion DKK to above 100 billion DKK no later than 2023.

But when we presented Danske Bank’s annual report for 2020, we also had the pleasure to an-nounce that we had already met and exceeded this target by reaching 102 billion DKK. As devel-opment continued to soar, even during the covid-19 pandemic, we are now raising the bar further; from DKK 100 billion to 300 billion. 

Rapid development in sustainable financing
The substantial upwards revision of the target is a reflection of the high pace within sustainable financing and the platform that Danske Bank has achieved as a leading Nordic provider of sustain-able financing in the form of both bonds and loans.

In 2020, Danske Bank was the largest Nordic arranger of green bonds and in top-10 on a global scale. Furthermore, we were the highest-ranking Nordic bank in the Bloomberg Green Bond league tables.

In 2021, Danske Bank has expanded its offering to include green loans for Nordic MidCorps and invested in new products and dedicated staff, which will further strengthen our efforts in the field of sustainable financing.

Our work with sustainable finance

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