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Danske Bank first choice for Nordic IPOs

Danske Bank has helped raise more share capital than any other bank in the Nordic region in 2021 – according to a market survey quoted by Danish business daily Børsen that shows Danske Bank has raised more than DKK30bn so far this year.

The first half of 2021 has been red-hot in terms of new IPOs. Danske Bank headed up the largest sale of shares ever in Denmark alongside US firm Morgan Stanley when Tryg raised DKK37bn to buy RSA’s Nordic assets.

Experienced team
The record deal has boosted revenues, but Danske Bank has also been busy with other transactions, taking part in five IPOs across the Nordics in a single week in May, for example, which is sometimes the number of IPOs in a whole year.

“The market is hyperactive for everyone, but we have managed to climb to the top,” says Atilla Olesen to Børsen. He is head of Investment Banking & Securities at Danske Bank and puts the success with IPOs down to Danske Bank having a very experienced team in place.

Customers want good advice and a guarantee that the Bank can deliver on the agreements and plans that are made.

Atilla Olesen

Head of Investment Banking & Securities, Danske Bank

“Customers want good advice and a guarantee that the Bank can deliver on the agreements and plans that are made. That guarantee is a product of people knowing what they are doing. Moreover, we are also very good at placing shares,” he says.

Surge in global equity market IPOs 
When the corona pandemic kicked off, capital markets initially faced a great deal of uncertainty as many companies focused on building a liquidity buffer. However, as central banks stepped in with bond purchasing programmes and additional injections of liquidity, the situation turned and stock market IPOs surged around the world. That has also resulted in a record number of IPOs on NASDAQ Copenhagen, with 22 new companies launching on the stock market in the first quarter of 2021 alone.

The numbers 

Danske Bank is number one and US firm Morgan Stanley number two on the list of banks that have raised most capital across the Nordics in 2021. Figures from research firm Dealogic show that the two have raised capital totalling EUR 4.06bn and EUR 3.58bn, respectively – equivalent to DKK 30.3bn and DKK 26.7bn.